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Here is the code snippet:

    Sub New()


        Dim culture As CultureInfo = New CultureInfo("en-US")
        culture.DateTimeFormat.FirstDayOfWeek = DayOfWeek.Monday
        culture.DateTimeFormat.CalendarWeekRule = CalendarWeekRule.FirstFourDayWeek
        Me.RadScheduler1.Culture = culture

        Me.RadScheduler1.ActiveViewType = Telerik.WinControls.UI.SchedulerViewType.Timeline
        Dim timelineView As SchedulerTimelineView = Me.RadScheduler1.GetTimelineView()
        Dim scale As Timescales = Timescales.Weeks

    End Sub

    Private Sub RadForm1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        Dim baseDate As DateTime = DateTime.Today
        Dim start As DateTime() = New DateTime() {baseDate.AddHours(14.0), baseDate.AddDays(1.0).AddHours(9.0), baseDate.AddDays(2.0).AddHours(13.0)}
        Dim [end] As DateTime() = New DateTime() {baseDate.AddHours(16.0), baseDate.AddDays(1.0).AddHours(15.0), baseDate.AddDays(2.0).AddHours(17.0)}

        Dim appointment As Appointment = Nothing
        For i As Integer = 0 To 2
            appointment = New Appointment(start(i), [end](i), "A" & i, "D" & i, "L" & i) 

        Me.RadScheduler1.ActiveView.StartDate = New DateTime(2020, 10, 11)
    End Sub

You will notice that if the StartDate is changed the appointments occupy the wrong cells until you scroll horizontally and the view is updated.

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Use the following code snippet and try to edit the Height. You will notice that the sub-items' order is changed:

            RadPropertyStore store = new RadPropertyStore();
            PropertyStoreItem sizeItem = new PropertyStoreItem(typeof(System.Drawing.Size), "Size", new System.Drawing.Size(100, 25), "The size of the control in pixels.", "Layout");

            this.radPropertyGrid1.SelectedObject = store;
            this.radPropertyGrid1.SortOrder = SortOrder.Ascending;
            this.radPropertyGrid1.PropertySort = PropertySort.Alphabetical;

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Created by: Maulik
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Category: RichTextEditor
Type: Bug Report
When the copied text doesn't contain any formating the Keep Text Only paste option should be applied.
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Created by: Wardeaux
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Category: FileDialogs
Type: Bug Report

Dear sirs,

 i am using the RadFileExplorer control within my Winforms application. I experience exceptions with the stock control from within your demo application using this control.

See attached animated GIF

Steps to reproduce:

1) open a Windows file explorer and browse to any folder like E:\TEMP

2) Create two empty folders in the target destination of E:\TEMP

3) open the winforms demo app and open the "File Dialogs" screen. Open the RadFileExplorer sample

4) browse to the same location as your File Explorer (like E:\TEMP) where you created the new folders

5) from within the RadFileExplorer control, delete one of the folder. all works well

6) In the Windows File Explorer, create a new folder. It will appear within the RadFileExplorer display.

7) close the RadFileExplorer demo screen, reopen the RadFileExplorer demo screen

8) browse to the same location as before (E:\TEMP)

9) From within either the RadFileExplorer control OR the Windows File Explorer delete the new folder created in set 6 above

** Exception: "Changing Children Collection of an already disposed element"

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Created by: Sunny
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Category: UI for WinForms
Type: Bug Report

I'm trying to initialize RadControlSpyForm in a .NET 2.0 application and it throws the following exception:

System.InvalidCastException: 'Unable to cast object of type 'System.Windows.Forms.SplitContainer' to type 'System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize'.

I did some research, and I found that since SplitContainer doesn't inherit from System.ComponentModel.ISupportInitialize until .NET 4.0, this message shows up in solutions where a project is downgraded from .NET 4.0, but the Form designer isn't regenerated to remove the SplitContainer cast to ISupportInitialize to call BeginInit() and EndInit().


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Please refer to the attached gif file. The sample project together with the sample files of the local provider can be downloaded here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnnV2HsINMD_yxDEY2iOWHXn5V9_?e=VurA0N 

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Please refer to the attached sample project. 

If the main Cars list is not empty, the child templates have correct captions:

However, if initially there are no Cars and you add a new one via the new row, the captions of the child template remains with the default value ("table"):

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Please run the sample project in an environment with left monitor at 150% DPI scaling and right monitor at 100%. You will notice that the ToolWindow remains with fixed width.
Last Updated: 28 Jul 2020 12:32 by ADMIN

To reproduce:

1. Create a floating window

2. Try to drop another window into the floating window

3. The window is successfully docked into the floating window, but DockStateChanged event does not fire.

Last Updated: 20 Jul 2020 10:55 by ADMIN
When the user specifies initially a FileName for the RadSaveFileDialog, it shouldn't get cleared once you select another folder either in the tree view or in the list view. The Filename should be reset only when you select a file (not a folder) similar to the MS SaveFileDialog. The attached gif file illustrates the behavior of the MS FileDialog
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we are trying to use RadPropertyGrid to show the properties of some objects listed in a RadGrdiView. 

We use ExpandableObject to expand our custom property, but we have some problems when we try to show the properties of multiple selected items, when the values of the attribute of the property are not the same in all the selected objects. We tried to use PropertyGrid of Winform and we don't have this problem. 

Thank you.

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Created by: logan
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Category: VirtualKeyboard
Type: Bug Report

I have tried the Telerik demo virtual keyboard program. After I changed the system input language to Chinese, then click any letter on the virtual keyboard, the text candidate box (see the red-framed part below in the screenshot) just flash and disappeared and only the English letter is input into the text box. Is there any solution or does Progress have a plan to support this in the future version? 

By the way, I use the Windows build-in IME Microsoft Pinyin.

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Please find attached sample project having 2 different reference folder(Telerik2018,Telerik2020) for Telerik.

Code flow & Issue description: I have Event "radGridView1_EditorRequired" in which i have attached another event on value changed "Editor_ValueChanged" in which we get data gron DropdownListElement using ((RadDropDownListElement)(sender)).SelectedValue.
Issue is when we use version (2018.3.1016.40) we get selected value text, in case of current version (2020.1.218.40) we get null value.

Current version DLL  2020.1.218.40 (Issue in current version)
Previous version DLL 2018.3.1016.40 (Working fine)

Note : I have also attached both version of Telerik DLL in sample project, you can reproduce issue by referencing to 2020.1.218.40 version. After selecting values as shown in attached screenshot you will get null value as shown in another screenshot.

Please find attached screenshot  for selecting values to reproduce issue as well where we get null value.


Thanks and Regards

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I have a radGridView with MutliSelect set to true and SelectionMode set to FullRowSelect. A theme is applied, and this behavior is seen with other themes too. Several columns are pinned to the left.

When I multi-select rows using the shift or control buttons by clicking one of the cells under the frozen columns, the row is selected and colored accordingly, except for the cell that was actually clicked which remains with the unselected color.

If I multi-select by clicking on one of the cells under an unpinned column, the full row is selected as expected.

In the image below, I held down shift and selected the first and third row in sequence under the Officer column.

How can I fix this to show the complete row selected?

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UI for WinForms - Latest version.

RadRibbonBarBackstageView - Edit UI Elements


Click the … button and select your image.


To REMOVE this image you SHOULD be able to do the following:

click on the property BackgroundImage which should highlight the image-string completely.

click delete.


What you HAVE to do is this: 

click on the property BackgroundImage.

click delete.

BEFORE YOU LEAVE THIS PROPERTY you have to click the … box

Once the box opens you have to click "Cancel"


Right below this property is BackgroundImageLayout - set to "Center"

There's a dropdown arrow presumably to allow you to change the layout but nothing happens when you click it.


*Missing Property?*

Whatever image you place in this control it gets stretched and there doesn't appear to be any way to avoid this:

place an image.

run the winforms ap.

set the main form in normal mode (not maximized) and resize the height.

Your image will stretch, shrink...this is not a UI property that should be presumed.  We should be able to set None, Tile, Center, Stretch or Zoom.


Still *LOVE* your products :)

Kindest regards,

Curtis Smith 

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Invalid table layout when resizing a row on the second page

To reproduce:

- Add a table with several rows so there are some rows on the second page.

- Resize a row on the second page with the mouse.

Result: The table layout is not correct after the resize operation 

Last Updated: 22 Jun 2020 14:41 by ADMIN

Note : Issue in Current version of Telerik (2020.1.218.40)

On cheked of GridViewCheckBoxColumn (Multiple rows) in GridView grdFrReview_HeaderCellToggleStateChanged fires and header checkbox get checked. Header checkbox should check only if all check-boxes of current page checked, otherwise header checkbox should not checked. This was working fine in my previous version of Telerik (2018.3.1016.40).

In the screenshot shown i have checked 1st and then 2nd row of grid, you can see its headercheckbox status has been checked.
Last Updated: 17 Jun 2020 06:32 by ADMIN

Please refer to the attached sample project. When the expander is in the columns that contains long text that has be resize the rows, the AutoSizeRows functionality doesn't work properly:

Workaround: set the MasterTemplate.SelfReferenceExpanderColumn property to a column that contains very short content:  

Me.RadGridView1.MasterTemplate.SelfReferenceExpanderColumn = Me.RadGridView1.Columns(1)

Last Updated: 15 Jun 2020 09:31 by ADMIN
When I select items 1 through 4 in the drop-down list, the expected event occurs (the selected item is removed from the drop-down list and added to the list view).  When I select the last item in the list (item 5), the item is added to the list and then I get the ArgumentOutOfRangeException. 
Last Updated: 10 Jun 2020 07:30 by ADMIN

When importing an HTML file which contains table should align table cell content left and middle. Instead, it aligns them left and top.

Both browsers and MS Word center the content. 

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