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To reproduce: 

Set the RowSpacing to 10. Press down until the last cell is selected. The view is not scrolled down. 

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I have a problem with the expansion of the last row.

After Row Expanding and Row Collapsing the last or second last row, the last row is not visible because it seems that there I some kind of lock on the scrollbar : it doesn’t scroll down neither with the mouse wheel nor with the button so it is not possible to move on the last row.

If instead you scroll up and then down the row became visible again.

In the attached example project.






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Hello, we have found another small bug of the RadVirtualGrid control.

When paging is enabled on child view, one of the component of the paging panel overlap whit is parent.

I attach source code and screenshot.


Thanks in advance.


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To reproduce: please refer to the attached gif file. The CellClick is not fired for the child rows that belong to columns that exceed the width of the parent template.

Workaround: set the AutoSizeColumnsMode property to Fill.

this.radVirtualGrid1.AutoSizeColumnsMode = Telerik.WinControls.UI.VirtualGridAutoSizeColumnsMode.Fill;
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To reproduce: open the VirtualGrid >> First Look example in QSF and follow the steps:

1) I have a virtual grid which has both vertical and horizontal scroll bars.

2) Scroll to the very bottom of the grid

3) Select the last row

4) Scroll all the way to the right

At this moment the selected row disappears from the view. While scrolling horizontally the vertical scrollbar jumps several rows above although it seems scrolled to the bottom.