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Created by: Tel
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Hello, i am using the GridViewSpreadStreamExport to export a gridview with parent and child rows.
Everithing works fine but is it possible to set the parent row to collapsed, if there are child rows?
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Please run the attached sample project, click the button to start drawing and following the steps illustrated in the gif file.
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Created by: James
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I'd like to prevent the possibility of an end-user deleting or copying files while saving a file. Is this possible in the RadOpenFileDialog?
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RadPdfViewer partially supports CCITTFaxDecode (that is basically TIFF). There are some limitations that are not supported at this stage like EncodedByteAlign = true or Group 3, 2-D encoding.
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A dictionary specifying any resources (such as fonts and images) required by the form XObject (see Section 3.7 from
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Please follow the steps:

1. Run the attached sample project. 

2. Move the form to a monitor with 125% DPI scaling.

3. Resize the form to make the spreadsheet bigger. You will notice that the column/row headers are missing for the last column/row headers. 

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Use attached to reproduce.

RadTextBox tb = new RadTextBox();

tb.Font = new Font(Font.Name, 12F, FontStyle.Bold);

tb.MaxLength = 200;
tb.Name = "textBox1";
tb.Text = "<Required>";
tb.Location = new Point(49, 7);
var pixels = tb.Font.SizeInPoints * 96 / 72;
tb.TextBoxElement.TextBoxItem.HostedControl.MinimumSize = new Size(0, (int)pixels + 6);

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Please refer to the sample project and follow the steps:

1. Run the attached application.
2. Hover over the calendar (custom cluster) 
3. Tooltip is shown.
4. Zoom out once 
5. Hover over the calendar.
6. No tooltip is shown - ToolTipTextNeeded is not called.
7. Zoom out once more.
8. Hover over the calendar.
9. No tooltip is shown - ToolTextNeeded is not called.
10. Zoom out once more. Now two icons are shown.
11. Hover over either calendar. 
12. Tooltip is shown.

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The scale factor is not imported from documents with no information about the selection state.
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Created by: Ken
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Is there a way to not allow the map to WrapAround? 
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Created by: Roger
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I might be missing something, but I have Hyperlinks in a column in my RadDatGridView.


I tried searching for a Support document explaining this, but didn't find any.


When the grid is exported to excel all data is coming across, but the column with hyperlink is not

a hyperlink in Excel.


Below is sample of the code used to make the "HyperLink" column in my grid.

                radGridView1.DataSource = dtResults;
                GridViewHyperlinkColumn col = new GridViewHyperlinkColumn();
                radGridView1.Columns.Insert(5, col);
                col.Width = 200;
                col.FieldName = "Path";
                col.HeaderText = "Path";
                col.Name = "Path";


Coded used to do the Export....

               GridViewSpreadExport spreadExporter = new GridViewSpreadExport(this.radGridView1);
                spreadExporter.ExportVisualSettings = true;
                SpreadExportRenderer exportRenderer = new SpreadExportRenderer();

                spreadExporter.RunExport(filename, exportRenderer);





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The CustomColorsConfigLocationNeeded event fires on dialog close but does not seem to fire on dialog open or load. So I can save a custom location for the custom colors when the dialog is closed but can't reference that location when the dialog is subsequently opened again. What am I missing?

Best regards,





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Created by: Stefan
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Category: UI Framework
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ADD. NewControl - add TreeMap control
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Inside the constructor of a form create a pie series and populate it with data. Then add it to a RadChartView. You will notice that there are two legend items per data point.
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When a pdf/a compliant document is opened in Adobe, there is a bar saying that the document is compliant with the standard. Expose such functionality in PdfViewer as well.
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Created by: n/a
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I have a problem with the expansion of the last row.

After Row Expanding and Row Collapsing the last or second last row, the last row is not visible because it seems that there I some kind of lock on the scrollbar : it doesn’t scroll down neither with the mouse wheel nor with the button so it is not possible to move on the last row.

If instead you scroll up and then down the row became visible again.

In the attached example project.






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TextPosition label sizing is incorrect. Regardless of AutoSize and AutoSizeLabels settings, only the first label size is calculated correctly. I've attached a project and a screenshot of the issue. It seems size isn't calculated if TextPosition == Telerik.WinControls.UI.LayoutItemTextPosition.Top.


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The current implementation relies on valid cross-reference table offsets in the PDF documents so that PDF objects are easily found and parsed. However, a mechanism for importing documents with invalid cross-reference table offsets may be implemented.

The attached project shows how to repair such documents.

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Created by: Dess | Tech Support Engineer, Sr.
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Release R3 2019 (LIB 2019.2.729)
I have RadDiagram on Form and registered ShapeDoubleClicked event on it.

After double click on a shape I open another modal form (let's call it form2). The second mouse click is fired on a modal form (Form2) which in some cases, based on shape position in Form1 (precisely when the shape is in center of the screen), change the state of my ToogleSwitch which is in center of Form2.