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Category: PropertyGrid
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Problem: I'd like to filter the properties to be displayed by their category names defined by the Category attribute. Based on the doc here (, my understanding is to add a FilterDescriptor like this: New FilterDescriptor ("Category", FilterOperator.Contains, "some category name"). But it turned out to only filter by property name, not category name. Any misunderstanding or possible issue? Thank you for looking into this.


1. Define a class like this:

    Private Class TestClass
        <Category("Cat1")> Public Property Property1 As Integer = 1
        <Category("Cat1")> Public Property Property2 As String = "Test 2"
        <Category("Cat2")> Public Property Property3 As String = "Test 3"
    End Class

2. Initialize a RadPropertyGrid in the Form.Load event:

        Dim testObj As New TestClass
        RadPropertyGrid1.EnableFiltering = True
        Dim filter As New FilterDescriptor("Category", FilterOperator.Contains, "2")
        RadPropertyGrid1.SelectedObject = testObj

3. The right property to be displayed should be Property3, but it turned out to be Property2


Example project: attached.

Thank you team!