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Release R2 2019 SP1(LIB 2019.2.527)


I am currently working with a rad collapsible panel, and I have encounter a problem while changing screens. In the screen I usually work with, the menu is working as intended, but when I swap the window to my laptop or start the program in it,the menu moves and gets cutted. The problem appears at the start of the program and disappears when you maximize the window or when you select a table to display, but setting the window to maximized by default doesn't solve it. The problem also appears when dragging the window from one screen to the other.

Any idea how to solve this?



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There is a MDI parent RadForm containing a RadMenu with items. There is a MDI child RadForm which also contains a RadMenu with items. The mnemonics are enabled for all the menu items. The menu merging is disabled (RadMenu.AllowMerge=false).

When you show the parent form together with the child form and focus the child form, pressing the Alt key highlights only the menu items from the parent form. It is not possible to activate the menu items from the child form.

Please refer to the attached sample project and gif file illustrating the obtained incorrect behavior and the observed behavior with a standard MS Form and MenuStrip