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Release R3 2019 (LIB 2019.2.722)
Created by: George
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Category: ImageEditor
Type: Feature Request

I am working on a application where the user can take a photo, saved in jpeg format, and add text notes with a line/arrow head pointing to where the note applies on the photo.

1. Is this possible now?

2. If not, I would like to request it for a future release.



Last Updated: 15 Apr 2019 10:57 by Dimitar
Release R2 2019
Add an event that is raised when the user makes any change to an image. 
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Release R2 2019 (LIB 2019.1.415)

When I select Auto option in zoom drop-down list the image will not be resized to fit available space. The only way to auto-fit the image is to type "Auto" in drop-down list. Also, when editor form is resized while "Auto" option is selected the zoom will not be updated.

Additional methods OnResize and DropDownList_SelectedIndexChanged are required to update the zoom, because in DropDownList_TextChanged event handler this.dropDownList.SelectedIndex is always set to -1 when any option is selected with mouse, and will be different from -1 only when a text matching an option is entered with keyboard.