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To reproduce the problem, we need 2 Monitors with different scaling.
Let's say that Monitor 1 has 150% Scaling and Monitor 2 has 100% (Monitor 2 is the main monitor). When starting the program and click on radbutton1, then an empty form (Toolbox) is shown. Move the Toolbox form to the other monitor and then open the RadDropDownList. The problem is that the drop-down is shown not under the control.

Please refer to the attached project.

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When using a RadDropDownList component and the RadVirtualKeyboard component I have a problem. The AutoCompleteMode.Suggest works fine the first time I click on RadVirtualKeyboard but for the other clics the suggested items don't appears on the screen.




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I created a simple project just with a dropdownlist. The data source of the dropdownlist is a reader from SQL. First time, when I type something in the text area of the dropdownlist, the autocomplete works perfectly: if a type "235", it brings me at the first job starting with '235' and I can select the job. After, when I click back in the text area to type something else (for example: "236"), I can just type '2'. It won't let me type anything else and the autocomplete is not working. The autocomplete mode is Suggest.

This is a new problem with telerik 2020.2.512.40. Just previously, I had the trial version (2020.1.218.40) and it was working without problem. I didn't change anything in the small project. In fact, I took this project and put Telerik.Wincontrols.UI version 2020.1.218.40 anf it was working properly. I put back the version 2020.2.512.40 of the control and the problem reappeared.


First time (works fine):


Seconf time: not able to type more than 1 character