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Use attached to reproduce. 
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Caret jumps several symbols to the right when arabic or persian is used and user deletes the dot symbol. As a result the wrong symbol is deleted.
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The performance of the DayView when the control is bound to a large number of recurring appointments and it is grouped by resources needs to be improved.

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To reproduce:

Copy an image and paste is several times inside the document.

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Right-click on header/footer usually does nothing. If we double-click them we enter their edit mode. After we close header and footer and right-click on them we get context menu as if we are still in edit mode. If we scroll out of view of header/footer, and then back in, right-click will again do nothing.

Also, separate but similar bug, in demo document's footer there is a three-column table. It is possible to resize with the mouse all the columns widths, and even the row height. Mouse will change shape, as if in edit mode. It is not necessary to enter and leave edit mode like in previous case, the error is observable from the start. But if we scope out and scope back in the changes are undone, in a way like in previous case.

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Check the attached video 


1. Insert some text

2. Change its span properties (e.g. set the font weight to Bold)

3. Position the caret right after the last letter of this text and type several letters

Observed: The span properties are applied to the new text as well

Expected: The new text shouldn't have those properties
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So here's what happens. I create a workbook and a worksheet in that wb which I assign as the workbook of a RadSpreadSheet by RadSpreadSheet..Workbook = wb

The first time I assign a name to the first (and only sheet) created in the creation of the wb, the name does appear on that sheet.

Then some code takes this workbook ByVal, creates a new Sheet, makes that sheet the wb's ActiveWorksheet and then changes the ws's name.

You can see in the debugging that the worksheet does have the new name i put there ("2018-05"), but visually this 2nd worksheet has the default name "sheet 2".

Then that wb which is returned by the function is assigned as the RadSpreadSheet's workbook

If I run the code again, so a 3rd sheet is created, then the 3rd sheet will visually have the default name "sheet 3", however in the debugger it says "2018-06" as its name; but most importantly, now sheet 2 has magically changed to what I was seeing its name to be in the debugger ("2018-05").


I'm assuming that If I'm changing the sheet names at runtime, I need to call some method on the Workbook element or something like that in order to update the names. I just couldn't find which method to call.


Best regards,

Ioannis Mamalikidis.

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I just found a strange issue using the latest bits of the Telerik RadGridView. 

I have a grid that contains ColumnGroupsViewDefinition. Inside one of the group, one of the column is a GridViewComboBoxColumn.

The grid shows correctly on the screen.

If I try to export it using GridViewSpreadExport, I get an exception saying "input string was not in a correct format".

The export works fine if:

-I don't have groups

-I export to HTML using ExportToHTML

-I export to HTML using ExportToCSV


Any help please?

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I'm facing a problem with the MulticolumnCombobox that results in an SelectedValueChanged-Event when the list is dropped down the first time after data source was set. Please use the attached project for reproducing the problem using the following steps:

  1. Start Application on Windows 10 Chinese (Note: The described behaviour will not occur for other cultures (i.e. German will not fire the event at that time))
  2. Click the Button having the Text "RadButton1", which will set the DataSource and fire the event "SelectedValueChanged" (MessageBox will pop up) which is okay at this point.
  3. Now perform the drop down for the Combobox. Using Windows 10 Chinese will fire "SelectedValueChanged" and Windows 10 German will not fire "SelectedValueChanged".

==> As the MulticolumnCombobox performs different based on the culture, this seems to be a bug.


If you need further information, please do not hestitate to ask.

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1. to enter edit text box I have to click the mouse twice. first click in the area of the text box, second start edit

2. entering or living acro control cause all document to refresh (blinking effect)
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RadRichTextEditor: MoveToDocumentElementStart works incorrectly when called consecutively with PermissionRangeStart as parameter
When the MoveToDocumentElementStart is called with parameter that is PermissionRangeStart and then is called a second time, the position moves to the previous position instead.

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Hello, we have found another small bug of the RadVirtualGrid control.

When paging is enabled on child view, one of the component of the paging panel overlap whit is parent.

I attach source code and screenshot.


Thanks in advance.


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Use attached to reproduce.
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Created by: Ioannis
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I have a RadRibbonForm with a normal ribbon with no items and a spreadsheet control.


I iterate over a datatable and fill the spreadsheet's cell values with the datatable's values

we're talking about a very small size, like 33 rows x 35 columns, and not even all the values are filled in.


Unfortunately, there's a very noticeable delay in the spreadsheet, from moving the scrollbars to selecting to changing sheets.. the whole thing feels laggy.

Is this just how it is, or am I experiencing a possible bug?

Could it have anything to do with https://feedback.telerik.com/winforms/1380948-exception-at-runtime-trial-bug ?


If that is just how it is, is there anything I can do to make it feel snappier? Disable a theme? Disable some behaviour?

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When the Interactive Form Fields are in read-only mode, the user should not be able to change the value of the field. The associated Form Field widgets should not interact with the user, e.g. they should not respond to mouse clicks or change their appearance in response to mouse motions.
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The whole cell is not filled when setting the background.
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When a PDF document contains images compressed with CCITTFaxDecode with applied BlackIs1 parameter, black color is visualized as white and white as black.
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