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Last Updated: 25 Feb 2020 13:23 by ADMIN

Hi team,

We need a ChartView with multiple series and multiple Y-axis. The axis color of each Y-axis should be automatically painted according to the palette setting (thank you for the brilliant work - it's very intuitive). However, if clear the series and re-assign a new set of series, the border color of the first axis changes to black, regardless which palette is active. If the palette is set to a new one, the border color can be re-painted correctly. See screenshot as attached.

How to reproduce: Please refer to the attached project for a demo of reproduction. Click the first button to populate new random data. The border color of the first axis should change to black after clicking the button twice and more times. Clicking the second button will force the palette to change and the border color will become normal.


Thank you, team.