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Created by: Grant
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This page on the Unite UX documentation site describes a handy sample application to get the user familiar with Unite UX.  The page says "This card points to distributed with Unite UX Studio sample dashboard application".  Unfortunately, I cannot see a card with this sample application in my dashboard.  I'd love to have access to this sample app to reduce the learning curve for Unite UX.

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I wanted to test drive Unite UX. 

Downloaded the Sketch plugin. 

I got a .msi file.   



Sketch runs on Mac.  No way to install the plugin.  

Need Mac / Sketch compatible plugin

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Created by: Antoniya
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Add more user friendly way in which to describe/demonstrate the implications of changing a certain color within a theme
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The authentication window seems to be set up to prevent pasting values into either the username or password fields. Username, ok, I can type my email. But I use a password manager (because security), and I'd really prefer not to manually enter a 100 character password. In the short term I guess I'll change to a vastly less secure/shorter password, but that doesn't feel like a good solution.

This doesn't feel like a Catalina thing, but hey, who knows.

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This might be just that I didn't do the correct steps.. anyway..

I tried to use Unite UX and read the manual from webpages how to use it. Manual didn't reflect anything that what was shown in the UI when I tried to just define master template. There isn't any buttons like define available. Manual was really confusing, I didn't find any steps that would show me what to do to get the define button visible. Also in the manual table of contents it read "mater template", having typos on product manuals just makes me feel that product has been done as sloppy as its manual. 

Steps I did. 

1. Create react app.

2. Create one view called 'm' in my case and make it as startup view.

3. Save and generate steps done when making the view.

4. I can't see define button anywhere (as shown in manual)

5. Progress unite UX button pressed and then I select the project again

6. I get instructions to press define button to apply application layout, and.. yeah, can't see it.

Just a side note: I'm not sure if this speedups my app development or slows it to the full stop when UI doesn't work as assumed. I just got some really bad vibes from the past products called microsoft frontpage and dreamweaver.