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Last Updated: 15 Dec 2020 09:04 by ADMIN
Created on: 15 Oct 2020 13:45
Type: Bug Report
When I try to export an artboard from Sketch to Studio I get an error: "t.rulerX is not a function. (In 't.rulerX()', 't.rulerX' is undefined)". It happens on different projects.

When I try to export an dartboard from Sketch to Studio I get an error: "t.rulerX is not a function. (In 't.rulerX()', 't.rulerX' is undefined)".

I tried to do this on different projects (even new one with one artboard, some buttons, inputs and rectangles).

Posted on: 15 Dec 2020 09:04


Thanks for reaching out to us. 

Unfortunately, we still have not been able to fix the issue and we cannot promise a timeframe for it.

Please, contact us, if you have further questions.

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Posted on: 14 Dec 2020 17:21
I am using Sketch version 70 and have the same issue when trying to export to Studio. Do you know when this issue will be fixed?
Posted on: 21 Oct 2020 14:34


Thank you for reaching out to us.

The problem you are describing occurs in Sketch version 66.0 and above. We are aware of the issue and it is in our plans to fix it. 

I would suggest that for the time being, you downgrade to Sketch 65.1. You can find older versions of Sketch here.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us, if you need further assistance. 

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