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It will be useful to explicitly ignore the certificate check for  explicitly ignore the certificate check for unfinished internal applications. 
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1. Create ApiTesting project with 2 tests - one passing and one that is disabled

2. Run the project from command line with a batch file

3. Check the exit code of the runner process - see the attachec cmd file for example

Expected: The exit code should be 0 (success)

Actual: The exit code is 1 (failed)
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Created by: Philipp
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As C# developer i can test almost everything with the Test studio =>
- Website / Desktop Client

But where i need it the most, Xamarin Android i need to use another tool. It would be really helpful to have the ability to test it all with one Tool. 

Since Test studio already supports Android / iOS, is it might not a big problem to also support Xamarin (Android & iOS).
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Many people are using Visual Studio Online now for building their project. They need an example how to get Test Studio tests running in this environment. Apparently it's possible to hook an on-premise build controller and build agent into your VSO account.
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On this page:

We talk about how to use BaseUrl for the NavigateTo steps and the iframe nodes. What we're missing is how to adjust the Connect to Popup steps so that they too work in multiple environments.
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Last Updated: 26 Dec 2016 13:13 by Jason
When I view the report of the results, I can only view the results per test list. I need a way to generate report that combines ALL results from 10+ test list into one report.