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The highlighted the ID below is not getting recognized by Test Studio as dynamic target.

GET /expqaclone/PRServlet/5r4yig9LKACE6owwcMWTLQ%5B%5B*/!STANDARD?action=openAssignment&contentID=d40146a8-564d-4020-af02-a3cb9a263b8f&dynamicContainerID=null&isWAStaticHarness=undefined&key=ASSIGN-WORKLIST%20PEGAFIN-EXPENSE-WORK-REPORT%20EX-1934!ENTEREXPENSEITEMS&label=undefined&portalName=ExpenseManager&portalThreadName=STANDARD&pyActivity=%40baseclass.doUIAction&pzHarnessID=HID071763F6B0E70BF06EE1756A80DD7F23&reload=undefined&skipConflictCheck=undefined HTTP/1.1

Details for investigation such as load test, screenshot and fiddler trace are attached in the internal description.
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Please follow the instructions provided in the internal description.
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Debugger does not show when the monitor is portrait oriented.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Use the setup as attached.

2. Set the debugger and run a test.

Expected behavior: the debugger to show on the screen

Actual behavior: debugger does not show
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Created by: Cody
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Type: Bug Report
In a specific customer project, only 3 out of 5 tests in a test list run when executed on a remote machine. There is no error message given, no test results. They simply appear to be skipped during execution.
Last Updated: 10 Jul 2015 13:57 by Andrew
When running a test list in which a parent test calls a subtest with a coded step you may get the following:
Overall Result: Fail
'11/21/2014 10:10:33 AM' - Executing test: 'ExecuteTestAsStep', path: 'ExecuteTestAsStep.tstest.'
'11/21/2014 10:10:33 AM' - Using .Net Runtime version: '4.0.30319.18444' for test execution. Build version is '2014.3.1016.0'.
'11/21/2014 10:10:33 AM' - Starting execution....
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Enabling Html Popup Tracker. Test expecting Popups.
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Using 'InternetExplorer' version '10.0' as default browser. 
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - 'Fail' : 1. Execute test 'AccessWebsite'

>>> Test-as-Step 'AccessWebsite.tstest' log starts:

'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Detected custom code in test. Locating test assembly: CommandLineClientExecutionErrorSample.dll.
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Assembly Found: F:\TEMP\Projects\ed08cc31-39a7-4e41-b982-3cc9af2cfda7\CommandLineClientExecutionErrorSample\bin\CommandLineClientExecutionErrorSample.dll
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Loading code class: 'CommandLineClientExecutionErrorSample.AccessWebsite'.
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Error attempting to execute a Test As Step. Details:
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - System.ArgumentException: Unable to find the test class type 'CommandLineClientExecutionErrorSample.AccessWebsite' in your test assembly. Please make sure your test code behind is compiled with your latest changes.
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionUtils.EnsureTypeExists(Assembly assm, String typeName)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionUtils.CreateCodedTestInstance(Test test, TestResult result, String binariesFolder)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionEngine.InternalExecuteTest(Test test, TestResult initializationResult)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionEngine.ExecuteTestInCurrentContext(Test test)

<<< Test-as-Step 'AccessWebsite.tstest' log ends.

'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Detected a failure. Step is marked 'ContinueOnFailure=False' aborting test execution.
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Overall Result: Fail
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Duration: [0 min: 0 sec: 121 msec]
'11/21/2014 10:10:35 AM' - Test completed!

Sample project to reproduce the problem is attached. Run it from command line using:
"c:\Program Files (x86)\Telerik\Test Studio\Bin\Telerik.TestStudio.CommandLineClient.exe" -l TestLists\SampleList.aiilist -u http://localhost:8009
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If, while using IE 10 on Windows 8 machine) you try to record a Drag & Drop (from a site like https://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/dd/drop-code.html) what gets recorded is a set of Click's instead of a Drag & Drop operation. The same thing works as expected using IE 10 on a Win 7 machine.
Last Updated: 19 May 2015 08:12 by ADMIN
If a test script, when run in Chrome, causes the browser to get a Page Not Found returned the test is permanently stuck and cannot recover from this error. The rest of the iterations of a Data Drive test will not run even though it includes a NavigateTo step. NOTE: running the same test in IE works as expected. The other browsers are untested in this same scenario at this time.

A test to repro the problem can be found on the internal bug report.
Last Updated: 07 Apr 2015 14:06 by ADMIN
1) Open a test with multiple steps and multiple storyboard images
2) Go to the storyboard
3) Turn the scroll wheel of the mouse

Expected: Either nothing or the images to be scrolled and the new step description to match the image scrolled to
Actual: The images scroll but the step description of the original image is still shown.
Last Updated: 07 Apr 2015 13:36 by ADMIN
If the port for the storage service is blocked by a firewall on the external machine (but not for the scheduling service), and you then pick a local result and Publish to Server, after a long time (minutes) Test Studio will display "Results successfully published" but they actually were not published at all.
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2015 11:48 by ADMIN
When you build a Test Studio test project in Visual Studio, four dll's are added to the output folder that don't appear to serve any purpose:

1) Autofac.dll
2) Microsoft.CompilerServices.AsyncTargetingPack.Net4.dll
3) Newtonsoft.Json.dll
4) Telerik.TestStudio.Shared.dll

One customer is using a different version of Newtonsoft.Json.dll and this is creating a conflict as they are putting both the build of the application and the test project into the same drop folder.
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2015 12:20 by ADMIN
When the incoming value and value contained in an outgoing request have different encoding's Test Studio will not detect the dynamic target even though the values are actually the same, once decoded. A sample Fiddler trace demonstrating this problem will be attached to the internal problem report.
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2015 11:30 by ADMIN
If the test records a large amount of dynamic targets the subsequent selection is very slow.

A video demonstration of the problem is in the internal description.
Last Updated: 13 Feb 2015 06:51 by ADMIN
1) Double click on a .aiiresult file of a test list containing a failed test
2) Drill down into Step Failure Details
3) Export the details to a .zip file

Expected: The file to include the image on failure
Actual: the image on failure is missing
Last Updated: 16 Dec 2014 10:20 by Cody
When a test project is connected to TFS, every time you Get Latest, the date & time stamp is updated to when you clicked Get Latest. This leads to some serious problems when you now try to schedule tests via the Telerik Scheduling Service in a multi-tester environment. Storage will take and keep the one with the latest date & time stamp which may not actually be the "latest" version. It won't take the version from tester's B machine that made a change to the test prior to the Get Latest operation. As a result the test list will run with old versions of the tests.
Last Updated: 11 Dec 2014 15:08 by ADMIN
Playback of a test recorded in Chrome against a specific customer website fails with:
'11/21/2014 6:46:17 PM' - 'Fail' : 6. Click 'YUTag'
Failure Information: 
Unable to find the target host (Browser/SilverlightApp) to locate an element. Failure: Waiting for frame '[Frame:id=RAD_SPLITTER_PANE_EXT_CONTENT_ctl00_rightPane,name=ctl00_rightPane,src=,UseQuery:False]' timed out. Error: Wait for condition has timed out
System.Exception: Unable to find the target host (Browser/SilverlightApp) to locate an element. Failure: Waiting for frame '[Frame:id=RAD_SPLITTER_PANE_EXT_CONTENT_ctl00_rightPane,name=ctl00_rightPane,src=,UseQuery:False]' timed out. Error: Wait for condition has timed out
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionUtils.WaitForAllElements(IAutomationHost host, AutomationDescriptor descriptor, Int32 timeout)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionEngine.ExecuteStep(Int32 order)

Recording the exact same sequence works perfectly when using IE.
Last Updated: 09 Dec 2014 13:48 by ADMIN
Steps to reproduce:

1. Navigate to http://bing.com/?test=123

2. Perform a random click

3. Check the properties of the bing page in Test Studio

Refer to the screenshot attached.
Last Updated: 18 Nov 2014 13:52 by ADMIN
Steps to reproduce and access to the application are in the internal description.
Last Updated: 31 Oct 2014 08:23 by ADMIN
While recording a user profile from a data driven web test, intermittently the ArtOfTest.Runner may crash with System.InvalidOperationException. Attached is the test and data file I used that created this problem. It took two runs to reproduce it. In the event log is this stack trace:

Application: ArtOfTest.Runner.exe
Framework Version: v4.0.30319
Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception.
Exception Info: System.InvalidOperationException
   at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException(System.ExceptionResource)
   at System.Collections.Generic.List`1+Enumerator[[System.__Canon, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089]].MoveNextRare()
   at System.Collections.Generic.List`1+Enumerator[[System.__Canon, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089]].MoveNext()
   at System.Linq.Enumerable.FirstOrDefault[[System.__Canon, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089]](System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1<System.__Canon>, System.Func`2<System.__Canon,Boolean>)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.TrafficRecording.HttpTrafficRecorder._proxy_ResponseHandler(System.Object, ArtOfTest.WebAii.Messaging.Http.HttpResponseEventArgs)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Messaging.Http.HttpProxyManager.EventListenerThread(System.Object)
   at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(System.Object)
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(System.Threading.ExecutionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback, System.Object, Boolean)
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(System.Threading.ExecutionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback, System.Object, Boolean)
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(System.Threading.ExecutionContext, System.Threading.ContextCallback, System.Object)
   at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart(System.Object)
Last Updated: 02 Oct 2014 14:53 by Ewin
It is very difficult to explain (and understand) when the global wait for elements applies and when it doesn't.  There seem to be lots of questions on the forums and in the suggestions around this, for example this post:


I can't find anything in the online documentation that talks about it.  We have opened support cases, asked questions on the forums and new users here get very confused.  It is pretty fundamental to "getting" the product and would be great to get some documentation on that.  I'd say it is important enough to document and call out in a blog.  Thanks!
Last Updated: 29 Sep 2014 07:36 by Daniel
Consider the example element below:
This logic will locate the element:
This will not and cause it to time out and fail:

This will pass if logic was recorded as such by default, but fail if the space characters were manually typed out
tagname=span,textcontent=~Telerik Test Studio