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Steps to reproduce:

1. Close & re-launch Test Studio.
2. Make sure there are no pending changes for the project.
3. Go the Test Lists tab & schedule a test list
4. Choose option to receive test results by E-mail, enter an e-mail address & click Done.
5. Click the Tests tab & note that the project shows a pending save and a pending change.
6. Right-click on the project & select Check In to TFS from the context menu. Click Save.
7. The Check In to TFS screen is displayed with no pending changes. Visual Studio (TFS) does not show a pending change.
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Created by: Nikolay Petrov
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Type: Bug Report
Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a project in TFS with no pending changes

2. Schedule a test list

3. Change this test list and save the changes. The project looks dirty.

4. Press Check-in button

5. Press Cancel.

6. Project looks as Checked in, but changes still can be checked in and in VS it is dirty as well.
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This happens only in IE during the recording. 

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a test and start the recording in IE.
2. Navigate to http://www.evolve-consultants.co.uk/
3. Click on Contact
4. Type something in First Name
5. Type something in Last Name

Actual: The image of the step which types in the First Name fields represents the previous page.

Expected: It should display the correct page.

If you recapture the Storyboard all the images are correctly captured.
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The project is in TFS.

When using "Get latest version of tests automatically from TFS" while test list scheduling - the project is downloaded much faster from TFS than it is uploaded on the execution machine.

It is observable for large projects (>1Gb)
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Created by: Boyan Boev
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Type: Bug Report
When we use TLS 1.0 the recording of the load traffic works as expected. As soon as we change TLS to version 1.2 it does not work.
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The project is in TFS source control environment.

The scheduling machine is used as execution as well.

When scheduled test list using option "Get latest version of tests automatically from TFS" the project is copied twice.
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In a customer supplied project and performance result set, 5 of the results are silently failing to load. When you look in the log you see:

Outer Exception Type: System.ArgumentNullException
     Message: Value cannot be null.
          Parameter name: key

From the users perspective he was expecting to see all 15 results, but can only see 5 of them. Test Studio did not report any errors to the user while loading the results. This is what I mean by "silently failing". It's not until you think to enable logging then look at the log do you see the error.

So this problem report is about two very closely related issues:
1) No error/warning is shown to the user when Test Studio failed to load specific .tsperf files
2) Why did Test Studio fail to load these specific result files?

The test project and result files will be added to the internal bug report.
Last Updated: 20 Jul 2016 10:07 by madnut
Steps to reproduce:

Execute the project attached internally.

Expected behavior: To add the value in the third numeric textbox

Actual behavior: The value is always set to the first numeric textbox
Last Updated: 18 May 2016 13:58 by Mark
1) Using Visual Studio create an ordered test
2) Put at least one Test Studio test into the ordered test
3) Try to run the ordered test from the command line like this:
MSTest /TestContainer:orderedtest1.orderedtest

Expected: All tests in the ordered test to execute
Actual: No tests run at all. Instead you get the error message "The path is not of legal form". Even if you specify a .testsettings file with Deployment enabled it does not work. An ordered test with only coded unit tests does work.
Last Updated: 07 Apr 2016 13:11 by ADMIN
 Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set a break point in code file of Test Studio VS plugin project

  2. Run in debug mode

  3. Press F10 to continue

Error message:

Unable to find the window 'WPF Application' inside application '....\bin\Debug\Application.exe'

Last Updated: 30 Mar 2016 08:19 by ADMIN
Steps to reproduce and access to the application are in the internal description.
Last Updated: 30 Mar 2016 06:37 by ADMIN
This short video demonstrates the problem:
Last Updated: 21 Mar 2016 13:52 by ADMIN
 If you have TestList tab opened by default in VS, when opening the project we used to detect .tstest type tests and load them - now we don't and we do not show them in Test List view, unless they are opened from solution, but still show only test opened in solution, not all tests.
Last Updated: 17 Mar 2016 13:36 by ADMIN
Steps to reproduce and access to the application are in the internal description.

Last Updated: 22 Feb 2016 09:38 by ADMIN
All the information is on a single row and it also contains some unexpected symbols.

See the attached screen shot.
Last Updated: 20 Jan 2016 12:27 by Don
Steps to reproduce and video of the issue are in the internal description.
Last Updated: 18 Jan 2016 14:56 by ADMIN
On customer specific web page, after recording a click on a checkbox, playback yields:
'11/5/2015 10:35:47 AM' - 'Fail' : 11. Check 'IsCallActionHidden' to be 'True'
Failure Information: 
Invalid input element type 'Hidden'!
System.ArgumentException: Invalid input element type 'Hidden'!
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.IntrinsicTranslators.Descriptors.CheckActionDescriptor.Execute(Browser browser)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Extensibility.HtmlActionDescriptor.Execute(IAutomationHost autoHost)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionEngine.ExecuteStep(Int32 order)

Detailed repro steps will be added to the internal bug report.
Last Updated: 23 Nov 2015 09:26 by ADMIN
Steps to reproduce:

1. Run a performance test (performance counters should be gathering).
2. Open the details view
3. Enable some performance counters representation.
4. Select some specific step from the upper bar
5. Click 'Select all' link
6. Repeat step 

Expected:  The particular step is selected.
Actual: Unable to select a single step.
Last Updated: 23 Oct 2015 20:34 by Cody
Created by: Rodney
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Type: Bug Report
We are trying to use the performance profiling feature and are hitting an issue trying to open the results via Test Studio.  From the trace file we can see that it is an out of memory error while parsing the JSON.  The file is large, but not that large (150 MB).

Here is the exception: 

[10/16 12:00:49,Telerik.TestStudio.exe(8208:11),Error] PerformanceMainViewModel.LoadLocalPerformanceResults() : EXCEPTION! (see below)
     Situation: Failed to extract metadata from "C:\Users\manor\Downloads\perf results\130263250855318769 CM7CreateAndLoop.tsperf".
     Outer Exception Type: System.OutOfMemoryException
     Message: Exception of type 'System.OutOfMemoryException' was thrown.
     HRESULT: 0x8007000E (Official ID (if app.) = E_OUTOFMEMORY, Error Bit = FAILED, Facility = FACILITY_WIN32, Code = DNS_ERROR_NO_MEMORY)
     Call Stack:
          at System.Text.StringBuilder.ToString()
          at System.IO.StreamReader.ReadToEnd()
          at System.IO.File.InternalReadAllText(String path, Encoding encoding, Boolean checkHost)
          at System.IO.File.ReadAllText(String path)
          at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.Profiler.Storage.ProfilerResultsFile.Load(Guid testGuid, String strFilePath, ResultsFileXmlRoot loadedResultObj)
          at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.UI.PerformanceMainViewModel.LoadLocalPerformanceResults()
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A test that tries to click on the absolute center of a tab in a RadRibbonView ignores the click. Clicking just one pixel above or below or left or right of absolute center works as expected. Attached is a sample test project and WPF project to reproduce the problem.