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Created by: Girish
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Type: Bug Report

While connecting  to Jira Cloud ( with valid userid and password, its giving error message "The remote server returned an error :(401) Unauthorized".

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Created by: Nikolay Petrov
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Type: Feature Request
At this point it is possible to run a WPF application with arguments only as a workaround - starting a separate process in a coded step as given in this example.

It would be more useful if this feature is implemented when configure the WPF app in the test.
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Multiselect control cannot be recorded against IE as expected. When selecting more than one value from it, using the Ctrl key, not all selected options are listed in the 'SelectedItems' step property.

The 'SelectedItems' step property does not display names of the selected items and it is not visible how many elements there are to be selected. 

If the desired items are manually added in the mentioned property, they will be selected correctly in run-time. 

Last Updated: 17 Apr 2019 14:25 by ADMIN

Currently any custom added dynamic target should be created separately for each next request.

For example, if there is a user session token generated in the first responses and used in the following requests (as a cookie, header, etc.), the only way to pass it to all upcoming requests is to create a new one for each request. 

It will be useful to have the ability to reuse the already created custom target and only change its destination step. 

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Created by: Jeremy
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Type: Feature Request

Currently Test Studio supports Toggle calendar action and selecting date from the visible month when automating Kendo Angular datepicker. 

It will be helpful if the support is extended and setting the date directly in the KendoInput is also an option. As of now using Actions.SetText() is not triggering the necessary events and real user behavior is required to handle the scenario. 

Depending on the exact implementation, a coded step may be required to enter valid date. 

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Create folder hierarchy in {project}\Data\ folder to organize the external data sources.
For example:



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Created by: Jim Holmes
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Type: Feature Request

I'm unable to shrink the width of the Test Explorer and Element Explorer.

In the attached file I'm unable to move the bar (highlighted with the red line) at all to the left.

I'd like to be able to shrink the width to the left, as both panes take up more room than necessary.


(SIDE NOTE: For some reason, the required "Version" drop-down only gave me versions way back to 2014. I'm on 2019.1.212.0)

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Created by: Andy Wieland
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Type: Feature Request
Even for a small sample of performance results, the load time is painfully long.  Can you please load the History Tab values (total test times, over time) faster without needing to query the complete detailed result set?  Possibly the query can continue loading in the background, after first displaying the high-level data.
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Created by: Zach
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Type: Feature Request

Hi Team,

Wondering if it's feasible to offer official support for electron-based apps at some point in the near term. Since the framework already utilizes front-end technology, is this something that we may be able to incorporate into a future release?


Last Updated: 19 Mar 2019 16:17 by ADMIN

The latestMongoDB 4.0.6. cannot be restarted from Scheduling Configuration setup, the mongo service config gets broken if started through the Scheduling wizard and service cannot be started anymore. 

Workaround to resolve the not working MongoDB service: 

Using the latest version of MongoDB 4.0.6.
1. Since the current state of the Mongo service is not a working one, it will be required to completely uninstall the MongoDB and then perform a clean installation again. 
2. The important note is to install the MongoDB as a Windows service - this is the default configuration. 
3. This installation will install and start the MongoDB service. 
4. Next important thing to keep in mind is to avoid restarting the MongoDB service from the Scheduling configuration - this is the first tab of the wizard and it shouldn't be used until a permanent fix is available. 
5. The Scheduling and Storage services can be freely configured from the respective two tabs and the remote execution should be working now. 

Using a previous version of MongoDB 
1. If the version of MongoDB is not of great importance, you can install any previous version. 
2. The easiest way is to completely uninstall both MongoDB and Test Studio from Windows Control Panel. 
3. Then perform a clean installation of the latest version of Test Studio. This will install MongoDB 3.0. and you can freely start the Scheduling configuration. 

Last Updated: 15 Mar 2019 09:24 by ADMIN
I got a problem with the test studio and the element KendoAngularNumericTextBox. These are elements which can be used to increase numbers or input them.

The test studio sends chars, so the step fails every time.

Error Message: Step failed.
Target '[Element: kenod-numerictextbox: (id....)] is not a supported element to set text to.'
Last Updated: 11 Mar 2019 15:15 by ADMIN

Good morning,

When checking in, the full path and name of the test is not viewable, even though  there is space in the window.






Last Updated: 11 Mar 2019 13:23 by ADMIN
Chrome cannot be started with the required by Test Studio arguments when the "Application Identity" service is enabled in Windows 10 and as a result cannot record or execute tests with Test Studio. 

It will be beneficial to investigate the case on our end and identify if there is anything we could improve or at least document the known issue. 

A workaround could be to either disable that service or to add an exception for Chrome in an AppLocker rule to exclude it from the respective GPO. 
Last Updated: 08 Mar 2019 17:39 by ADMIN
Steps to reproduce: 

1. Use Run->To Here against Chrome or Firefox. 

2. Once the recorder is attached immediately hit the Pause button. 

Expected: The recorder is paused. 

Actual: The recorder is displayed as paused but it actually still records steps. 
Last Updated: 08 Mar 2019 16:49 by ADMIN
Adding an event listener to an input element to catch Oninput and OnChange events isn't working. 
Last Updated: 06 Mar 2019 16:31 by Thomas

When attempting to get data related to what is being displayed in the RadCartesianChart I cannot read the nested properties under the Path's Tag field. When retrieving the Tag property it is returned as a string and appears to be pre-populated in the propsBag as a String property

The Path WebAii element has a Data field which returns nested properties for the Geometry, but I do not see similar functionality for the Tag field.  Is this supported or is there guidance on implementing a custom AutomationObject to provide deserilazation and access to the nested properties?  If not can you provided details on the difference to why Data is supported, but not Tag?  Thank you!

Last Updated: 01 Mar 2019 17:09 by dan
in a specific situation with old OnBeforeUnload dialogs appearing, if you have a test list with setting to HandleAndFail execution on unexpected dialog appearing, what happens upon execution is that dialog is handled, but test passes instead of failing, in execution log there is nothing logged that unexpected dialog is shown and handled, but in test studio log there is a strange log that indicates OnBeforeUnload dialog is added to collection, while there is no dialog defined in the test:
Last Updated: 27 Feb 2019 15:43 by ADMIN
Test Studio recorder is not successfully attached to the second window of a WPF application, when the first (login) window is closed in the same time. There is not enough time for Test Studio to attach the recorder before the connection is lost and we are not able to record any steps or use the highlighter.
Last Updated: 27 Feb 2019 15:03 by ADMIN

Pre-requisite: Upgrade to 2019.1.212.0 from 2018.3.1004.0

1. Select the Test List tab

2. Click the List button and add a new Test List with appropriate tests.

3. Click Save

4. Notice the "Storage service unreachable." message pop-up.

5. Click "OK" on the pop-up.

6. Notice that the Test List and Tests are saved as expected.


**This issue did not happen on the previous version of Test Studio

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2019 10:19 by ADMIN

After changing the project name and assembly name, the remote execution is failing with FileNotFoundException for the assembly_name.dll. The execution is referring to the old assembly name, even though the correct one is generated in the bin folder.

Additionally there is not such error in local execution.

The workaround for this behavior is to also change the namespace.

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