Last Updated: 26 Jun 2019 08:06 by ADMIN
If using the Testing Framework, there is no way to set the  InitializationTime() property for the DownloadDialogsHandler. 
Last Updated: 19 Jun 2019 07:09 by ADMIN

Currently any custom added dynamic target should be created separately for each next request.

For example, if there is a user session token generated in the first responses and used in the following requests (as a cookie, header, etc.), the only way to pass it to all upcoming requests is to create a new one for each request. 

It will be useful to have the ability to reuse the already created custom target and only change its destination step. 

Last Updated: 13 Jun 2019 06:24 by ADMIN

Multiselect control cannot be recorded against IE as expected. When selecting more than one value from it, using the Ctrl key, not all selected options are listed in the 'SelectedItems' step property.

The 'SelectedItems' step property does not display names of the selected items and it is not visible how many elements there are to be selected. 

If the desired items are manually added in the mentioned property, they will be selected correctly in run-time. 

Last Updated: 11 Jun 2019 10:52 by ADMIN
Unable to scroll the execution machines for scheduling test lists. The vertical scroll bar is missing and the options to distribute tests and get the latest version from TFS are missing.
Last Updated: 16 May 2019 07:25 by ADMIN

The latestMongoDB 4.0.6. cannot be restarted from Scheduling Configuration setup, the mongo service config gets broken if started through the Scheduling wizard and service cannot be started anymore. 

Workaround to resolve the not working MongoDB service: 

Using the latest version of MongoDB 4.0.6.
1. Since the current state of the Mongo service is not a working one, it will be required to completely uninstall the MongoDB and then perform a clean installation again. 
2. The important note is to install the MongoDB as a Windows service - this is the default configuration. 
3. This installation will install and start the MongoDB service. 
4. Next important thing to keep in mind is to avoid restarting the MongoDB service from the Scheduling configuration - this is the first tab of the wizard and it shouldn't be used until a permanent fix is available. 
5. The Scheduling and Storage services can be freely configured from the respective two tabs and the remote execution should be working now. 

Using a previous version of MongoDB 
1. If the version of MongoDB is not of great importance, you can install any previous version. 
2. The easiest way is to completely uninstall both MongoDB and Test Studio from Windows Control Panel. 
3. Then perform a clean installation of the latest version of Test Studio. This will install MongoDB 3.0. and you can freely start the Scheduling configuration. 

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Created by: shikha
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Type: Bug Report

The recorder is not recognizing elements in the iframe and I am not able to record any actions.

Last Updated: 23 Apr 2019 10:56 by ADMIN
When there are missing ODBC drivers, excel files cannot be data bound to a test. It will be helpful to include a verification for the availability of that driver and warn the user its installation is required to continue with data bound tests. 
Last Updated: 12 Apr 2019 08:10 by ADMIN

Test Studio  Run-time edition does not deploy the TestAdapter.dll with its installation.

Thus Test Studio tests cannot be executed with the VSTestConsole.exe in a Azure DevOps (VSTS) pipeline. 


The TestAdapter.dll for VS 2017 and VS 2019 is being deployed to the Test Studio installation folder (for Ultimate or Dev Edition installations) along with the respective *.vsix package. Until the misbehavior is fixed, the vsix package can be copied to the agent machine and installed with double click. Then refer the dll from the respective location. 

Last Updated: 11 Apr 2019 12:02 by ADMIN
Ability to record a test step and then change the Element with an existing Element.

Here is the workflow:
I record a step and edit the Element.  Then every time I record on the same UI object, Test Studio creates a new element.  Since it creates a new element, I have to manually edit every duplicate element to exactly match the first element in order for them to merge.  I would like the ability to change the element the step is using to an existing element.  
Last Updated: 10 Apr 2019 05:43 by ADMIN
When you schedule and run a test list you get the following entries in the Scheduling server log:
[05/06 19:32:52,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:12),Execution] JobBroker.ScheduleJobAsync() : Job satisfied all preconditions, id = eae7a94a-c7b8-408f-9021-3a315eeb1042
[05/06 19:32:52,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:12),Execution] JobBroker.ScheduleJobAsync() : Job sent to scheduler, id = eae7a94a-c7b8-408f-9021-3a315eeb1042
[05/06 19:32:52,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:12),Execution] JobsController.CreateNewJob() : Accepted new job, Id = eae7a94a-c7b8-408f-9021-3a315eeb1042
[05/06 19:33:28,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:40),Execution] JobRunner.RunJobAsync() : TestList loaded for job ID = eae7a94a-c7b8-408f-9021-3a315eeb1042
[05/06 19:33:28,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:40),Execution] JobRunner.RunJobAsync() : Job started, ID = eae7a94a-c7b8-408f-9021-3a315eeb1042
[05/06 19:34:10,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:12),Execution] JobRunner.<CleanupTestRunsStatus>b__12() : TestList finished; updating dispatch group header job Id = eae7a94a-c7b8-408f-9021-3a315eeb1042
[05/06 19:34:10,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:12),Execution] JobRunner.<CleanupTestRunsStatus>b__12() : TestList finished; sending notifications
[05/06 19:39:10,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:28)] First trace message from pool unnamed thread (managed ID = 28, native ID = 12868).
[05/06 19:39:10,Telerik.TestStudio.ExecutionManagerService.exe(4344:28),Execution] JobRunner.<CleanupTestRunsStatus>b__12() : TestList execution status expired- removing from list job id=eae7a94a-c7b8-408f-9021-3a315eeb1042

What's missing is which execution server the test list was sent to. This can be important information in a setup that has multiple execution servers.
Last Updated: 10 Apr 2019 04:43 by ADMIN
The size of failure information field in the verification builder is only two rows and cannot be resized. 

We should copy the text somewhere outside of Test Studio in order to see it.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a test with a verification step.

2. With an attached recorded right click on the verification step and choose Edit.

3.  The Sentence Verification Builder appears and if the validation fails the information field is really small and unreadable.

See the attached screen shot.
Last Updated: 10 Apr 2019 04:15 by ADMIN
I have this idea in mind but not sure how to start with. How to add a custom option(control like a button or check box) in the UI?
Last Updated: 10 Apr 2019 04:09 by ADMIN
From ticket 869169

In the attached screen shot is an example of an ASP.NET partial page update. It includes a URL with a dynamically changing query string. The application needs that query string echoed back in the next GET.

Currently Test Studio load tests do not parse "text/plain" responses for dynamic targets. As a result this scenario is not currently supported.
Last Updated: 09 Apr 2019 12:59 by ADMIN
Currently when Test Studio wants to scroll an element to make it visible (such as when SimulateRealClick or SimulateRealTyping is enabled) Test Studio will always, and unconditionally, scroll the element to the top. This causes problems for a few applications that have a static UI element, the target element ends up being scrolled underneath this static UI element.
It would be helpful to have a global setting which controls whether the target element is scrolled to the top or the bottom of the browser window. The parameter is available in the API, just need to expose it as a step setting, or a global setting so that customers aren't forced to convert the step to code and override the default behavior, which can be time consuming when there are lots of steps that this must be done on.
Last Updated: 09 Apr 2019 12:51 by ADMIN
Created by: Ewin
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Type: Feature Request
I like the new user interface of test studio and its tabbing options.  

But I do not like the static location of the Project, Elements Explorer, Properties, and Step Builders.  

Provide the ability to customize the location of the listed items to other areas.  

For instance, in test studio, the properties windows has unused space.  So I would make the window in the lower right hand side instead of the entire right side. 

Also in test studio, the element explorer takes up the whole left side.  The step builder is closely related to the element explorer and I would like it together
Last Updated: 09 Apr 2019 12:50 by ADMIN
Created by: Abhishek
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Type: Feature Request
Web Services has become one of the key software endpoints that demand thorough testing. While load testing for web services is already avaialble, I would like to propose making testing of web services for functional requirements also available from within Test Studio. Support for REST, SOAP and OData Services should be made available.
Last Updated: 09 Apr 2019 12:46 by ADMIN
Created by: Abhishek
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Type: Feature Request
A lot of new apps use web services (WSDL or REST based). Test Studio should provide for API testing. Fiddler already has some great components that can be reused: 
1. Composer (with header addition/modification)
2. Response Formatter (with header response etc)

All that is needed is simple validation screen based on RegEx for the response.
Last Updated: 09 Apr 2019 11:24 by ADMIN
Looking at the test results one gets an error message only, which doesn't help much in general. Instead we should provide an easy way to take the remote execution log from the execution machine to troubleshoot the actual failure.
Last Updated: 09 Apr 2019 11:16 by ADMIN
Editing an existing scheduled event does not remember any of the properties set beside the email. Agents must be reselected and alert preferences must be set again (send email, attach excell, etc).

Test Studio should retain the settings, including the execution servers. 
Last Updated: 09 Apr 2019 11:01 by ADMIN
Created by: Ivaylo
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Type: Feature Request
We have an HTTP Rest API that uses some JSON/XML http requests, that are easily created and send through Fiddler or Rest Console (Chrome plugin). Then we verify the response and use it to form our next request. This process is simple and effective in our manual testing. For automation testing though we need a tool that can do those requests and also response verifications and variable usage for those HTTP requests (POST, GET, DELETE, etc.). Of course, that needs to come with a lot more functionalities (data driven testing, random generation of variables, loops, etc.)

It will be great if this feature can be used side-to-side with the Web UI testing capabilities of Test Studio.