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Good morning Elena,


I am noticing that every time I attempt to rename an element I am getting an "object reference error" as per attached image.





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A failure occurs if trying to register an OnClick event for span element.
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Created by: Sumit
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We are having TestStudio_2015.3.1015_Runtime and when we installed this version of Runtime on Windows 2016 Standard server, it is not working.

Our first test starts with taking the user credentials and when it asked for User Id and Password it does not enter the details.

On Windows 2012 Standard server it is working fine.

Please find the attached image for your reference.


With Warm Regards,

Sumit Kumar

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Created by: Mike Trill
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You have a very obvious spelling mistake when using the visual studio plugin


manuialy is spelled manually.


Small mistake but in a very prominent place. 

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When you include a test as a step into a higher level test, breakpoints in the inner test don't work.

This is very inconvenient when you want to execute a "tree" of tests and need to stop in one of the nested tests.
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Created by: Ivaylo
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It would be great feature in Test Studio to add CSS selectors in the find logic. It is extremely powerful in locating nested elements or elements with dynamic attributes!
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Currently in Test Studio for APIs you can use data bound variables from API Studio or Test Studio as Header Values, but you cannot use data bound variable as Header Name.

Customer wants to pass dynamically changing upon execution header names and header values from Test Studio to API Studio by adding {{something}} variable in the Name column of the Headers.

Now upon executing such request, there is an error: "Specified value has invalid HTTP Header characters.Parameter name: name'"