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Steps to reproduce: 

1. Execute a test with Run->To here

2. Wait for few seconds and pause the Recorder. (no further steps should be recorded). 

3. Select any steps in the test and run these with Run-> Selected steps. 

4. Once these are executed, perform any actions against the page. 

Expected: Since the recorder is still paused, no steps should be recorded. 

Actual: The performed actions in step 4. are getting recorded. 

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Created by: Thong
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Type: Bug Report


One of my element has the following find logic:

XPath        is exactly      //td/input[@title[contains(., 'End Date (Month Day Year)')]]


When I ran my script I got the error below:

Exception thrown executing coded step: 'Enter Leave Request To Date in 'LeaveRequestToDateText''.
'//td/input[@title[contains(. 'End Date (Month Day Year)')]]' has an invalid token.


I notice that the find logic expression displayed in the error message has a missing comma. Do you know why?




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When used in code Wait.For() certain element's attribute state, does not respect the timeout set to wait. 

Additional details shared internally. 

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Created by: Michael
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I'd like the ability to create my own Step Builder steps.

This way, the QA team could use my custom built steps to achieve common task without our web based product.



In our product, we need the ability to search a table for specific cells and retrieve image input buttons on that cell row. Of course we can easily achieve this by doing a coded step. However, this is a very common task for us and if my QA team could just select a custom built step builder step that has its own specific parameters (TableID, CellText, ImageInputAltText, etc), then I would remove one area of them having to get into code behind to achieve their task. The QA, while able to do some development, its not their core competency, so I would like to minimize their exposure.


Possible Reasons my company would need such:

* Often times we need to count the number of times a cell with a certain word in it exist in a table.

* We have a common set of steps that always needs to occur together (enter in text, click search, find in table, click that link [the start of every process in our product])

* Find a row within a table that has two matching text cells.