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I am unable to expand the left pane of the Find Element window. 

Steps to Replicate: 
	1. Modify an existing test
	2. Under "Elements" select an element to modify 
	3. Right Click and Select "Edit Element" 
	4. Click "Find in the Live Version" 
	5. Click "Browse and Navigate" 
	6. Attempt to move the Suggestions/Dom Left pane to the right using the splitter bar
	7. Note that the left pane can expand to the left but not to the right. 
Last Updated: 30 Aug 2013 20:11 by ADMIN
2013 R1 deprecated the enum ArtOfTest.WebAii.Core.BrowserType. You are told to "Use Telerik.TestStudio.Shared.Communication.Enums.BrowserType instead." The problem is that the new DLL that contains the replacement enum is not added to the GAC by the 2013 R1 installer. If you add a reference to this DLL (required to use it as instructed) from Test Studio's Bin folder, but different people on the same team install Test Studio to different locations, the path to the reference will break causing compile errors.

Can this DLL be added to the GAC by the installer in a future release?
Last Updated: 30 Aug 2013 20:08 by ADMIN
It could happen with deep DOM in latest Test Studio 2013.1 Beta. 

As a work-around (for HTML apps) one can try the new Chrome or Firefox Recorder DOM Explorer.
Last Updated: 24 Dec 2013 11:21 by ADMIN
When recording WPF test selecting a step may cause the following unhandled exception (available in the application log):

[09-26 09:31:34,Telerik.TestStudio.exe(3096:1),Error] App.LogUnhandledException() : EXCEPTION! (see below)
     Situation: Unhandled exception!
     Outer Exception Type: System.NullReferenceException
     Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
     HRESULT: 0x80004003 (Official ID (if app.) = E_POINTER, Error Bit = FAILED, Facility = FACILITY_NULL, Code = 16387)
     Call Stack:
          at Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.PropertyGrid.AutoBindBehavior.DetermineBinding(PropertyGridField field)
          at Telerik.Windows.Controls.Data.PropertyGrid.AutoBindBehavior.<>c__DisplayClass3.<OnUpdateBindingOnElementLoaded>b__0(Object s, RoutedEventArgs args)
          at System.Windows.RoutedEventHandlerInfo.InvokeHandler(Object target, RoutedEventArgs routedEventArgs)
          at System.Windows.EventRoute.InvokeHandlersImpl(Object source, RoutedEventArgs args, Boolean reRaised)
          at System.Windows.UIElement.RaiseEventImpl(DependencyObject sender, RoutedEventArgs args)
          at System.Windows.UIElement.RaiseEvent(RoutedEventArgs e)
          at System.Windows.BroadcastEventHelper.BroadcastEvent(DependencyObject root, RoutedEvent routedEvent)
          at System.Windows.BroadcastEventHelper.BroadcastLoadedEvent(Object root)
          at MS.Internal.LoadedOrUnloadedOperation.DoWork()
          at System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.FireLoadedPendingCallbacks()
          at System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.FireInvokeOnRenderCallbacks()
          at System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.RenderMessageHandlerCore(Object resizedCompositionTarget)
          at System.Windows.Media.MediaContext.RenderMessageHandler(Object resizedCompositionTarget)
          at System.Windows.Threading.ExceptionWrapper.InternalRealCall(Delegate callback, Object args, Int32 numArgs)
          at MS.Internal.Threading.ExceptionFilterHelper.TryCatchWhen(Object source, Delegate method, Object args, Int32 numArgs, Delegate catchHandler)
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Recording in Silverlight applications does not work after you use the option "Run to here". 
If you select "Run to here", the steps are executed and the recorder is attached successfully, however the recorded commands that are sent back to Test Studio are not added to the script. This can be reproduced with Silverlight application running in IE8/IE9.

Sample test is attached in the internal description.
Last Updated: 28 Oct 2013 06:35 by ADMIN
If we use the following code to set the value of an extraction variable:


and try to use TagIndex in find expression to make it data driven, the test will fail for the click test step with the following information:

Failure Information: 
Unable to locate element. Details: Attempting to find [Html] element using 
Find logic 
 (Html): [TagIndex 'Exact' button:0] AND [TextContent 'Exact' Click Me!]

The strange thing is that this is a valid find expression and if it was not data driven the step will pass.
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Created by: Velin Koychev
Comments: 1
Type: Bug Report
Alert Dialogs are not handled in Chrome 29

Sample test is attached in the internal description.
Last Updated: 19 Mar 2014 09:43 by ServiceDesk
There is a problem when executing test on a dual-monitor display. If a test is run with the browser in the second monitor, the screen capture does not work when a test step fails. Instead of getting a proper screenshot, only a very thin vertical strip of screenshot is taken.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Configure a dual-monitor PC 
2) Create a test which is known to fail.
3) Run the test, with the browser maximized in the secondary monitor.

Expected behavior: To have a screenshot captured at the time of the failure
Actual behavior: The screenshot is missing

Reproduced with version 2013.1.827
Last Updated: 01 Oct 2013 11:46 by ADMIN
Dynamic test lists are not updated immediately after updating custom properties of a test. 
The change of the tests in the test list will happen if you open again the Dynamic test list options. 

Sample test project is attached in the internal description.
Last Updated: 22 Oct 2015 08:33 by ADMIN
When executing manual test list using the manual test runner after saving the result file locally a message offering to publish the result to the scheduling appear. Clicking yes gives you a progress bar that is indicating the results are publishing but they never are. No error message is prompted in the UI or in the logs.
Last Updated: 21 Jul 2014 10:43 by ADMIN
Created by: Boyan Boev
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Type: Bug Report
The URL with the scheduling API documentation (http://SchedulingServerAddress:8009/documentation) never loads.
Last Updated: 28 Aug 2014 13:40 by ADMIN
Created by: Velin Koychev
Comments: 2
Type: Bug Report
When I open the test project and I click on Test Lists tab, I receive several error messages:

Unable to load test list 'C:\auto02\UI_Automation02\TestLists\Major Sateon Test (AAAAA).aiilist'! Please try loading the project again.

In the log file there is the following exception:

<>c__DisplayClassf.<Refresh>b__5() : EXCEPTION! (see below)
     Situation: Cannot load test list 'C:\auto02\UI_Automation02\TestLists\Major Sateon Test (AAAAA).aiilist'!
     Outer Exception Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client.MappingConflictException
     Message: The path C:\auto02\UI_Automation02 is already mapped in workspace dswalsh_DSWTest_WebUITestStudio.

This issue happens for random test lists every time with no obvious pattern.

The test project and the log file are attached in the internal description. 
Last Updated: 08 Sep 2015 07:34 by ADMIN
1) Start the remote executor (aka drone)
2) Open the Gui Test Runner tab/UI - selecting other tabs do not repro the problem
3) Just leave it open for the day - do absolutely nothing else

Expected: Memory use to remain constant
Actual: Memory use slowly grows to an unreasonable amount e.g. 540MB after just 5 hours (it started at 53MB).
Last Updated: 29 Apr 2014 10:45 by ADMIN
Steps to reproduce:

1. Execute a performance test.

2. Click History tab.

3. Add a result description.

4. Open some other test.

5. Reopen the initial test.

Expected: The description is saved.

Actual: No description is displayed.
Last Updated: 09 Dec 2014 13:48 by ADMIN
Navigate to

Type "qwerty" in the text area.

Actual: "et" is recorded in test studio. This is reproducible with other characters from the keyboard also. The particular text area is in an iframe but it is not necessary to be in iframe to reproduce the bug.

Expected: What is typed should be recorded.
Last Updated: 18 Sep 2015 06:07 by ADMIN
Using the project in the internal description of this item  try to load it in VS and open a single test. It takes a lot of time (2-3 minutes and more) in order to proceed.
Last Updated: 19 Jun 2014 18:47 by Sebastien AUROUX
When you record in IE 10 the application becomes partially irresponsible and then acts very slowly. 

Access to the application and steps to reproduce are in the external description.
Last Updated: 18 Sep 2015 06:08 by ADMIN
Updating the properties of a page node (not element node) of a Test Studio project loaded in Visual Studio can be terribly slow when the elements under that node are used by multiple steps and/or tests contained in that project. The attached project demonstrates the problem. On my machine (which is a fast machine) it takes 70 seconds to update the Path property of the page node while using Visual Studio. The same project takes less than 1 second to do the same thing in Test Studio IDE.
Last Updated: 07 Aug 2014 12:24 by ADMIN
Created by: Cody
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Type: Bug Report
If a test has a Handle Confirm inside an IF block and also outside any block, the one inside the IF block will fail:
Failure Information: 
Timed out waiting '5000' msec. for any dialog to be handled '1'
System.TimeoutException: Timed out waiting '5000' msec. for any dialog to be handled '1'
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Win32.Dialogs.BaseDialog.WaitUntilAnyHandled(IEnumerable`1 dialogs, Int32 handleCount, Int64 timeoutMilliseconds, Boolean resetHandleCount)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.IntrinsicTranslators.Descriptors.DialogHandlerDescriptor.Execute(Browser browser)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.IntrinsicTranslators.Descriptors.DialogHandlerDescriptor.Execute(IAutomationHost browser)
   at ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design.Execution.ExecutionEngine.ExecuteStep(Int32 order)

The dialog is actually handled, but the test is marked failed anyway.

If you disable or remove the Handle Confirm outside of the IF block, then all of a sudden the one inside the IF block works.
Last Updated: 07 Aug 2014 10:28 by ADMIN
Customer test list randomly hangs during playback switching between tests. This is specific runner problem with the latest internal build and is assigned for development with top priority.

Repro project is attached internally.