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WPF Memory leak when trying to test modal dialogs.

When you try to open/close dialog window with testing framework it cause memory leak and child dialog not garbage collected. We do it in loop and for some iteration Telerik testing framework can't find dialog and break by timeout. 
We found it with windbg + sos dll. Results:

Scan Thread 14 OSTHread 25bc
DOMAIN(006A72D0):HANDLE(Pinned):1513e4:Root:  039593f8(System.Object[])->
  029ccf78(System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[[System.IntPtr, mscorlib],[Telerik.TestingFramework.WpfExtension.WpfCommunication, Telerik.TestingFramework.WpfExtension]])->
  02a5650c(System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2+Entry[[System.IntPtr, mscorlib],[Telerik.TestingFramework.WpfExtension.WpfCommunication, Telerik.TestingFramework.WpfExtension]][])->

It seems that some static dictionary is referenced to ChildWindow which cause memory leak.  It seems that problem in WpfCommunicationEntryPoint.Comms. I found only one static dictionary with this signature (problem can be in another place).

How to use windbg + sos.dll:
0. Run test from VS MemoryLeakSmokeTestFixture.MemoryLeak_TelericFramework
1. Run windbg 
2. File->Attach to process-> choose MainApplication
3. Load sos.dll : .loadby sos clr
4. Fild objects: !DumpHeap -type ChildWindow
5. Find who are referenced to it: !gcroot OneOfTheIntancesAdresses. 
 You are going to see the same results.

Sample project in attach

Thank you.
Looking for advice
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When run a test list using the CMD and the ArtOfTest.Runner.exe and try to publish the results to the scheduling server and have the emails sent you are getting the following error:

Result saved with path: 'C:\Users\ittodorov\Documents\Test Studio Projects\September 2013\Results\dualdisplay 130238916901896332.aiiresult'.
PublishRunResultScheduling: Open Communication to Scheduling Server failed! The remote server returned an unexpected response: (405) Method Not Allowed.

This has been tested with Test Studio 2013.1.911
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Created by: Ivaylo
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Type: Bug Report
When running multiple test lists, tests would run first in order of test lists, then in order of tests.

Now they run in order of tests alone, disregarding test lists.
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Test Studio does not handle download dialogs in IE 10 / Windows 8 machine.

The same issue can also be reproduced in IE8 / Windows Server 2008.

Sample test is attached in the internal description.
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When using scheduling to run tests remotely, when doubleclick on the result in the callendar it shows all test as passed, however the result is shown as failed and the message Can't reach the remote executor exception: Error while copying content to a stream. Refer to the screenshot attached. 

Screenshots and project files for repro provided in the internal description.
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The ellipse is missing for Primary Target of a Wait For Exist test step. As a result you cannot change the Primary Target element for the step.
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Running test lists using "ArtOfTest.Runner.exe" via cmd takes a long time before the test is actually starting. This is because the entire project is getting compiled on each run. 

Using the attached project run the test list named Test using Test Studio. It runs immediately. When executed via cmd it takes about a minute the execution to start.
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when running a test that handles OnBeforeUnload dialog, the dialog is not handled on specific site in Internet Explorer 11, while running fine in other internet explroer versions
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After upgrade the project references are all referred to the older version even though the installed version is the latest and the tests are failing with an error loading referenced assembly . When the project references are manually updated , the problem is solved, however this creates huge inconvenience for customers with multiple projects.

Exception from TS follows:

Situation: Error loading referenced assembly
     Outer Exception Type: System.IO.FileLoadException
     Message: Could not load file or assembly 'ArtOfTest.WebAii.Design, Version=2013.1.1002.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=4fc62bbc3827ab1d' or one of its dependencies. The located assembly's manifest definition does not match the assembly reference. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131040)
     HRESULT: 0x80131040 (Official ID (if app.) = FUSION_E_REF_DEF_MISMATCH, Error Bit = FAILED, Facility = FACILITY_URT, Code = 4160)
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When an user is in Results and select an item to view from the list, once the item is closed and the user is returned to list view the list bounces back to the top instead of staying at the point left. Then the user has to keep scrolling back down to find the next item I need to look at.

Could we add the ability to remember the last position in the results and return the user to it.
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Created by: Nikolay Petrov
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Type: Bug Report
Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a project in TFS with no pending changes

2. Schedule a test list

3. Change this test list and save the changes. The project looks dirty.

4. Press Check-in button

5. Press Cancel.

6. Project looks as Checked in, but changes still can be checked in and in VS it is dirty as well.
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Steps to reproduce: 

1. Create ASP.NET Web Application --> MVC Template. project in VS2015. 

2. Try to publish the site. 

Expected: The site to be published

Actual:  There is an error and the site is not published. 

NOTE: If Test Studio is uninstalled on the same machine the site could be successfully published. 
Won't Fix
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I run my test list on a remote machine. When I look at the Results tab in Test Studio I don't see the correct image with the failed step. Sometimes I see no images and other times I see the image from the previous step that failed. Never the image at the time of failure from the step I actually want to see. This makes it hard to analyse the results.
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Created by: Girish
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Type: Bug Report

While connecting  to Jira Cloud ( with valid userid and password, its giving error message "The remote server returned an error :(401) Unauthorized".

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Machine A - Test Studio
Machine B - Scheduling and Storage
Machine C - Remote Executor connected to Machine B

When you run the customers test list it runs to completion. When you look at the results you get:

Can't reach the remote executor; exception: An error occurred while sending the request.

And the test list is marked Failed even though it actually passed.

The location of the customers test plus repro steps will be add to the internal bug report.
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Steps to reproduce

Using the project attached internally.

1. Open this solution in Visual Studio.
2. Open CheckYomiAccountName.tstest
3. Double click on any step - code-behind file is opened successfully.
4. Switch back to .tstest tab - steps are disappeared.
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For some yearly SaaS perpetual activation purchases, each month the license reports it is expired on the day of the month it should be automatically reactivated and users cannot use the product for that day
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Created by: Ivaylo
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Type: Bug Report
The following mouse events are not triggered with IE, they work fine with Firefox and :

                        MouseEvent mouseClickEvent = newMouseEvent("click");
			mouseClickEvent.CanBubble = true;
			mouseClickEvent.IsCancelable = true;
			MouseEvent mouseDownEvent = newMouseEvent("mousedown");
			mouseDownEvent.CanBubble = true;
			mouseDownEvent.IsCancelable = true;
			MouseEvent mouseUpEvent = newMouseEvent("mouseup");
			mouseDownEvent.CanBubble = true;
			mouseDownEvent.IsCancelable = true;

Steps to reproduce: 

Execute the project attached.
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Steps to reproduce:

Execute the project attached internally.

Expected behavior: To add the value in the third numeric textbox

Actual behavior: The value is always set to the first numeric textbox
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Access to the application and steps to reproduce are in the internal description.