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When recording a test on our WPF application, a specific UI control (toggleButton) causes the tested application to crash (Windows Event "APPCRASH").

It only happens when recording a test, and not during normal operation of the application or test execution.

Building the step manually from the DOM explorer doesn't result in a crash.
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Steps to reproduce: 

1. Execute a test with Run->To here

2. Wait for few seconds and pause the Recorder. (no further steps should be recorded). 

3. Select any steps in the test and run these with Run-> Selected steps. 

4. Once these are executed, perform any actions against the page. 

Expected: Since the recorder is still paused, no steps should be recorded. 

Actual: The performed actions in step 4. are getting recorded. 

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Created by: Mike Trill
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You have a very obvious spelling mistake when using the visual studio plugin


manuialy is spelled manually.


Small mistake but in a very prominent place. 

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Created by: Thong
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One of my element has the following find logic:

XPath        is exactly      //td/input[@title[contains(., 'End Date (Month Day Year)')]]


When I ran my script I got the error below:

Exception thrown executing coded step: 'Enter Leave Request To Date in 'LeaveRequestToDateText''.
'//td/input[@title[contains(. 'End Date (Month Day Year)')]]' has an invalid token.


I notice that the find logic expression displayed in the error message has a missing comma. Do you know why?




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When used in code Wait.For() certain element's attribute state, does not respect the timeout set to wait. 

Additional details shared internally. 

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Created by: Sumit
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We are having TestStudio_2015.3.1015_Runtime and when we installed this version of Runtime on Windows 2016 Standard server, it is not working.

Our first test starts with taking the user credentials and when it asked for User Id and Password it does not enter the details.

On Windows 2012 Standard server it is working fine.

Please find the attached image for your reference.


With Warm Regards,

Sumit Kumar

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TTS 2018.3.1004.0

1. Open Test Studio
2. Close Test Studio
3. Check system tray

Icon of TS visible in tray
Will lead to multiple icons in tray, after closing / opening multiple times

After hovering icon will disappear.

Windows 10 Pro
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TTS 2018.3.1004.0

1. Create new project with one CS file inside
2. Open this file in Test Studio Editor
3. Switch to external editor and edit given file
4. Go back to Test Studio
5. Press Refresh project files form hard disk
6. Close given file
7. Open given file

Steps 5&7: Content of file is not refreshed

Steps 5&7: Content of file is refreshed
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Created by: PETest
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I opened Telerik on my PC this morning. I clicked on the Test project I wanted to open- it was there right in front of me, I double clicked to open it, then the program threw an error and stated that the project did not exist. After closing the error message sure enough, my project had disappeared. That project had the startings of our automated test list. Could you advise me how to get that project back? Why it decided to delete the project and all it's tests? And where those tests and the Project may have gone?
Thank you in advance.
Vicky Stephenson
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Steps to reproduce: 

1. Use Run->To Here against Chrome or Firefox. 

2. Once the recorder is attached immediately hit the Pause button. 

Expected: The recorder is paused. 

Actual: The recorder is displayed as paused but it actually still records steps. 
Won't Fix
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I run my test list on a remote machine. When I look at the Results tab in Test Studio I don't see the correct image with the failed step. Sometimes I see no images and other times I see the image from the previous step that failed. Never the image at the time of failure from the step I actually want to see. This makes it hard to analyse the results.
Won't Fix
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In Windows 10, Microsoft blocks users from opening programs that show that administrator permissions are needed to run the program.

Why is Test Studio configured this way instead of just as an executable program?  I read other posts referencing saving log files and such, but can't the security permissions on the machine itself dictate where files can be saved instead of TS making that distinction out of the gate?

It means I cannot open the program in Windows 10, much less create any tests.  And our IT department is not going to grant admin access on the individual user machines.
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When using specific find logic for an anchor element there is a problem to locate the proper element during test execution.

Steps to reproduce and access to the application are in the internal description.
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There is out of memory exception generated when Run - To Here is applied to a step close to the end of the scenario. 
Steps to reproduce and access to the application are in the internal description.
Last Updated: 05 Apr 2018 12:47 by John
When open a test project in VS 2015 - Update 3 and try to open test file with no data - the following exception occur:

"Object reference not set to an instance of an object."

All other test files with data are opened normally.
The problem is hard to reproduce. 
The workaround is to use different VS version or to attach empty data to a test.
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To reproduce the problem - first maximize Chrome and then resize the browser in a coded step using the sample line bellow:

ActiveBrowser.Window.Move(new System.Drawing.Rectangle(150, 150, 1000, 700), false);
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Steps to reproduce and access to the application are in the internal description.
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Steps to reproduce and further environment setup information - in the internal description.
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The following scenario makes Test Studio to hang

 - There is an open Firefox version 57 browser 

 - Test Studio recording using Firefox is initiated

 - recording stops and recording browser window is closed

 - second attempt to record using Firefox is initiated

 - Test Studio hangs and does not attach the recorder to the new browser window
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In a scenario where security certificate dialog has to be workaround using a coded step - when exported and executed in Visual Studio using Test Explorer makes IE to crash.