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On the Executive Dashboard, the columns are all fixed sized, the problem with this is that it gives very little space for test and test list names and makes it difficult to view the naming.

Please provide a way to resize or view the names easily.

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Created by: David
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Really excited to have a dashboard to present to the team now

Is there anyway to configure the number of Tests that display from within a result?  Right now it only looks like 5 is what is the default, that requires quite a big of pagination.

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How can I change the size of the element suggestion pane? I can't seem to click and drag it, and I'd like to see more than two or three options.

Currently there is only a scroll that can be used to view all options.

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Created by: Nithya
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Add the option to copy multiple or all compiler errors from the Compiler tag in the Output pane.
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Allow deserialization of dateTime values to strings instead of DateTime objects when extracting such with JSONPath.

When a dateTime value is returned in a JSON response ("2019-04-08T00:00:00") and a JSONPath expression is used to extract it from that response, Test Studio deserializes it to a DateTime object. This leads to losing its original format. 

It will be useful to have the option to deserialize it in a plain string value. 

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Test Studio Mobile is missing a Comment step in the Common section in Step Builder.

It helps to make the test steps more understandable to the person looking at them. At a future date, these comments will assist in a better understanding of what is going on in the test, for whoever is needing to change the tests.

Last Updated: 19 Jun 2019 07:09 by ADMIN

Currently any custom added dynamic target should be created separately for each next request.

For example, if there is a user session token generated in the first responses and used in the following requests (as a cookie, header, etc.), the only way to pass it to all upcoming requests is to create a new one for each request. 

It will be useful to have the ability to reuse the already created custom target and only change its destination step. 

Last Updated: 23 Apr 2019 10:56 by ADMIN
When there are missing ODBC drivers, excel files cannot be data bound to a test. It will be helpful to include a verification for the availability of that driver and warn the user its installation is required to continue with data bound tests. 
Last Updated: 27 Mar 2019 08:39 by ADMIN
The 'new' Element Edit window does not extend into the entire frame, when there is no recorder attached and suggestions are empty.
Last Updated: 10 Jan 2019 14:08 by ADMIN

Currently in Test Studio for APIs you can use data bound variables from API Studio or Test Studio as Header Values, but you cannot use data bound variable as Header Name.

Customer wants to pass dynamically changing upon execution header names and header values from Test Studio to API Studio by adding {{something}} variable in the Name column of the Headers.

Now upon executing such request, there is an error: "Specified value has invalid HTTP Header characters.Parameter name: name'"

Last Updated: 30 Nov 2018 11:52 by ADMIN
When adding custom dynamic targets to a load test, in specific situation latest added targets get corrupted and take same data from previous ones
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Created by: Elena
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in load profile with dynamic targets selected, values of dynamic targets in user profile are not shown in UI - Bind Unique User Info section is empty. An exception is thrown in the application log file. 
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A failure occurs if trying to register an OnClick event for span element.
Last Updated: 28 Nov 2018 14:49 by ADMIN
Post data is being currently proceeded if the application type of the request is either multipart-formdata or urlencoded. Extend the functionality to pass the post data in case of different application type. 
Last Updated: 13 Mar 2020 08:24 by ADMIN
In record mode, select two steps to execute with Run->Selected Steps - one which triggers the dialog, and the other to handle it. 

Expected: To handle the dialog

Actual: The Handle dialog step times out. 
Last Updated: 06 Nov 2018 11:50 by ADMIN
This causes issues in the case when scheduled jobs are configured with enabled "Get Latest from TFS". Otherwise there shouldn't be any troubles. 

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open a project and connect it to TFS, save

2. Remove the source control binding, save

3. Try to reconnect the project back to the TFS

Expected: Test Studio wizard to recognize there is a copy of the same project already and combine these.

Actual: If selecting the main project in TFS, there is a prompt the project with the same name already exists. 

Then when selecting the project folder. the remote path property of the projects gets changed and has an additional level under. 

Workaround: Once the project is reconnected to TFS with the currently possible approach, open the local project folder. Open the Settings,aiis file with a text editor and locate the property "RemotePath" and modify it to correspond to the actual structure in TFS. 
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Steps to reproduce: 

1. Open a project and schedule a job

2. Modify the test list (rename, edit settings, change included tests) before the execution starts. 

Actual:.Save All does not trigger the prompt for automatic upload, nor uploads the changes to the storage. But saves the changes locally. 

Expected: Save all triggers the confirm dialog to upload to the storage and updates the changes int he MongoDB. 

Workaround: Ensure to edit anything in the Test Explorer, after applying any changes to a test list. Then perform Save All to trigger the automatic upload. 
Last Updated: 11 Mar 2019 13:10 by ADMIN
With the upcoming rebuild of the element repository, can it be added in to compile coded steps while running remotely after element repository is being dynamically generated? 
Last Updated: 23 Oct 2018 07:37 by ADMIN
Consecutive Desktop command: Left Click steps in Edge click on wrong place
Last Updated: 25 Oct 2018 11:10 by ADMIN
IE only.

We have the following scenario. 

1. Navigate to Parent page 

2. Open popup 

3. Then open a nested popup from the previous one

4. Close the last nested popup with a click action marked as "ClosesBrowser". This includes in the scenario both the Click step and Close popup step.

If the close pop up step target URL is data driven, the close popup step will close all popups and you will be left in the parent page instead of closing only the nested popup.
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