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A popup with "End of Central Directory record could not be found." error shows up when I try to add a custom step from the step builder.

When I restart Test Studio, the test works fine.

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After installing my DevCraft package, my keyboard has limited functionality, when trying to create a new project/solution in Visual Studio 2019. I am able to use "space" and "backspace" keys, but not letters and numbers.

Uninstalled Test Studio Dev or disabling Telerik.TestStudio extension and I have full keyboard functionality on screen for creating a new project in Visual Studio 2019.

As a workaround I am able to use CTRL + V to paste any text from my clipboard.



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Created by: Francina
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In load testing results if there is a http call, which did not get any response from the server (the response is NULL), will display a zero for Average Response Time metric. This can be misleading and it will be helpful to improve it with some more valuable information displayed in the results. 
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Android mobile app cannot be configured with Android Gradle plugin 3.4.2 and no test can be recorded against that. 

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Ability to add multiple And/Or conditions in IF bracket

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Recording using existing Chrome session is not available


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Created by: Lokesh
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How to stop running schedule job
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Drag And Drop element to create quick steps. Once user drag and drop element to any test case step then system should provide a menu to ask same options which is available in Step Builder.
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Option to retain Last state of project if user is trying to reopen the solution again
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Created by: Roberto
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Test Studio has support for Xamarin.Android however, I've seen that projects created with Xamarin.Forms are not fully supported. Is there any plan to have this compatibility in the future (ETA) ? 


Roberto M. 


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Export a test list result to HTML and open it.

When you hover over the actual and expected images, they are zoomed. They are not visible enough and as a result it is hard to analyze them.

Please improve their resolution and visibility.

Currently you can find the ImageOnFailure in the project's Results folder under the unique test list's result folder (something like "Failing Test 132106926993112448").

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Steps to reproduce: 

1. Open an Enter password step and expand in the step pane

2. Set the encrypt property

Expected: All fields with the actual text entered should be masked with *

Actual: If the step is expanded the actual text entered field does not change its value. 

Note: Reopening the test fixes the visual glitch. 

Last Updated: 12 Aug 2019 13:15 by ADMIN
Currently the recording option to set default selection type for dropdowns is only applicable for HTML Select control. 

It will  be very useful to extend this default setting to cover the dropdown like controls in the Test Studio translators as well  (an example is the RadComboBox which defaults to 'select by index')
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Add NTLM authentication in Test Studio for APIs or some kind of workaround.

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Currently scheduling a test list with getting the latest server version of the project is only possible if the source control repository is of the TFS version control type (Team Foundation Version Control). 

It will be very useful to add the same functionality for Git source controlled projects. 

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The step to verify an element for enabled/disabled step cannot be data-driven. The 'Verify element exists' also does not provide a binding option.

However, the 'Verify isVisible' step can be data driven with true/false values for the isVisible property. 

It will be useful and helpful to unify the behavior and allow data binding for isEnabled and Exists verification steps. 

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When using a builtin step for checking rowscount of a table that uses "greater than" or "less than" it fails even though it should not.

"Equals" works fine.. but if I use any other TableVerificationType than "equals", then it fails.. unless if I convert it to a coded step.

So to reiterate: If I convert the step to a coded step then it works.


We have several test projects that now have failing tests because of this.


Attached test project that showcases the problem.




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Created by: Andrew
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I added a comment to about 20 coded step files (.cs) in a large test project (1000's of files).  I expected to be able to search for that comment and find all the places I put it.  I don't see a way in Test Studio to search for text in those coded step .cs files.  Am I just not seeing it, or is that functionality not there?
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When the element's find expression fails to find the element it should log in the execution log, that alternative method of verification is used.

The Wait for Exists step does not log the usage of image verification, even though the find expression fails.

The behavior with click step is as expected and the log is correctly generated.

'17-Jul-19 14:10:30' - 'Pass' : 2. Click 'BtnKSubmit'
Warning: Unable to locate element by Find Expression!
Attempting to find [Html] element using 
Find logic 
(Html): [id 'Exact' tsf][TextContent 'Exact' ooogle]

Unable to locate element. Search failed!

Element was found only using Image search!
We recommend editing the element to correct the primary find expression.

'17-Jul-19 14:10:33' - 'Pass' : 3. Wait for Exists 'BtnKSubmit'

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The Application we are using stopped the support for IE. So I have to switch to chrome to be able to connect to the DOM window of TEST STUDIO. Inorder to connect to the browser, I have to use "Run - To here" option and then connect to the browser. Then I Navigate to the Page where I actually want to do the recording and debugging.

But in IE browser, I have the opened instance already and then I can connect the recorder wherever I want. This is more easier way of recording and debugging and save time.


So, Could you please consider this feedback and add the option for "Attach to chrome" browser. Refer to Screenshots..



Nithya A.

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