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Created on: 12 Dec 2019 15:45
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API testing// Improve the output data in API test results

It will be useful to improve the output data in API test results. Currently the generated results files from an API test run do not contain data for the actual sent and received requests. 

The available workaround is to use Fiddler and capture the generated traffic during the API test run.

Posted on: 18 Dec 2019 13:06

Hi Navdeep,

Your note to add a timestamp in the results will also be taken into consideration and the internal item on the topic is updated. 

In addition, I also explored other opportunities to workaround the lack of detailed data in the results for the executed http requests and found one more option you can choose to apply. It uses coded steps within the test case to output the body of current response into the xml result file - please, find a sample API test project attached to demonstrate the workaround. Executing the test will generate a xml result in the results sub-folder, which contains the body of each request output in the file. 

As you have mentioned you are using the command line runner to execute the API tests, I also tested it and the necessary data is only available in the default xml format of the results. So, to get the desired data into the generated results, you need to use the -output option but without applying any additional -format.

And as a side note in regards the query for API testing results in the Executive Dashboard - basically the Dashboard is using the Scheduling and Storage services from Test Studio Scheduling setup. The API testing, however, uses no such concept for executing scheduled jobs, so its results are not distributed to the Storage at all. Having these specifics in mind and the current architecture of Test Studio and Test Studio for APIs, there will be no option to review these results as part of the Executive Dashboard. 

Thanks for your time in our discussion. 

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Posted on: 12 Dec 2019 22:12
Included in these test results it would be helpful to have some sort of timestamp within the log itself of when the test was ran.

Also will there be an ability to display these results on the executive dashboard at all?