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Created on: 22 Aug 2019 12:50
Type: Feature Request
StepType should be editable for any element

StepType should be editable for any element, it will help user to update same step for different StepType if user want to add/update step quickly without recording or add from Step builder

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Posted on: 29 Aug 2019 08:48
Hi Lokesh,

The different steps are actually defined by their target element and what its type is, then the possible and meaningful actions and verifications are listed based on that particular element type. For example, if the element is checkbox, there is no sense to be able to type in it. 

Still the steps can be duplicated by copying and pasting these within the same test, or between different tests. Then, you can either change the element's properties among which is the element's type, or you can choose another element to be the target for the newly copied step. The target element is a property of each step and can be changed by choosing another element from the repository - here you can see a short video for this. 

The combination of maintaining the steps in this way and using the predefined elements feature in Test Studio will allow you to reuse the recorded steps and add these against new elements. 

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