Last Updated: 19 Feb 2019 09:22 by ADMIN
Created on: 19 Feb 2019 09:22
Type: Bug Report
'Validate Expression' button is not always working as expected

'Validate Expression' button in the Find Expression Builder is not showing the correct element after changing the find expression and not reloading the opened element's pane. 

Steps to reproduce: 

1. Open an element and edit its find expression

Actual: Regardless if saved or not. validating the element still shows the previous element. 

Expected: Validating the element to highlight the correct element. 

Workaround: The issue could be avoided with reopening the element to be edited. 
1. Open the element and edit the find expression. 

2. Save and close the edit element pane. 

3. Open that again to validate the element - the correct one will be highlighted.