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Last Updated: 15 Nov 2018 14:10 by John
Created on: 15 Nov 2018 14:10
Type: Feature Request
Test Studio Test Editor
A critical product needed in the Test Studio suite is a Test Editor for only creating and debugging a single test.  It would be a stripped down version of Test Studio Ultimate, with only the Record and Playback features of the primary Test tab.  Take out the Performance, Test Lists, Results, and Reports tabs.  We use Test Studio for APM - post production Application Monitoring in DevOps.  We purchased only 2 copies of Ultimate - one for each environment QA and PROD - so that the scheduling, performance and reporting features were dedicated to an environment and a senior admin in our DevOps roles. However, we have multiple team members whose only job is to create the tests.  I have to swap licenses on the Ultimate version or create a DEV Project in the QA configured machine to allow them to simply create the tests, but then I cannot schedule new tests in a test list.  Please create a Test Editor and give it for free to Ultimate purchasers or price it inexpensively.  Productivity of our DevOps team would be greatly increased.  We could even hand it to Customer Power Users to create their own post production Monitoring Tests to submit to us for their Application Monitoring script.  A great way to capture more APM Market share.