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Last Updated: 09 Nov 2015 21:35 by Jeff
Created on: 09 Nov 2015 21:35
Type: Feature Request
Add Parent/Child Test Lists
It would be nice if we could set up parent test lists that can have child test lists added to them.  I am requesting this because we are working on test cases that switch between applications.  According to Telerik support we need to set up these test cases like Test Lists - the steps to execute against each app will have their own automated tests that will be put in order of execution in a test list; test 1 executed against first app, test 2 executed against 2nd app, test 3 executed again against the 1st app, etc.  Since this is the solution currently provided it makes it difficult to set up our test lists - we end up having a large number of them.

If we could set these "test lists" (which are really test cases that are individual tests executed in a specific order) up as Child test lists that can be called by a Parent test list it would make this process easier to manage - This would allow us to have something like a release-based Parent test list that includes all of these test cases as Child test lists.