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Category: Diagram
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Provide helper classes to import data from different providers:

- Excel (xlsx)

- Access (accdb)


Last Updated: 03 Jan 2017 21:01 by Juan
Even though there are workarounds for everything, from my point of view the diagram control will be much enhanced if there are a few events added to it. Just as there are events for a shape having been clicked and double-clicked, in my opinion it will very much help if there would also be events exposed for a shape begin edit, end edit, preview delete (so as to handle a delete event), even generically a PropertyChanged event for any shape in the diagram. And the same for connections would, I imagine, be useful in other scenarios (even if not mine, currently).

These are all events I’ve had to handle some other way (sometimes in quite convoluted ways :P), I’m sure there are others which would make life easier for programmers in other scenarios.