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When I use the Sugiyama layout in RadDiagram it puts the node I add first at the bottom and the node I add last at the top for simple graphs without cycles and Orientation.Horizontal.

Also the edges of some nodes have a bias to connect to the left side, even when there is no room to connect there in Orientation.Horizontal.

The Orientation.Vertical works better for simple diagrams without cycles, but also becomes out of order when I use a cycle..

This is for both WPF and SIlverlight, I attached a demo to hopefully make this clearer.

Also Orientation.Vertical and Orientation.Horizontal seem swapped around: I asumed vertical meant top to bottom.
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Top and left connectors are a little bit misplaced in SL
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The options provided by the SettingsPane in all online demos should be consistent with the options that can be properly applied to the underlying object.

For example users are allowed to set border brush and border thickness to RadDiagramTextShape which does not support any borders by design.
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Even though there are workarounds for everything, from my point of view the diagram control will be much enhanced if there are a few events added to it. Just as there are events for a shape having been clicked and double-clicked, in my opinion it will very much help if there would also be events exposed for a shape begin edit, end edit, preview delete (so as to handle a delete event), even generically a PropertyChanged event for any shape in the diagram. And the same for connections would, I imagine, be useful in other scenarios (even if not mine, currently).

These are all events I’ve had to handle some other way (sometimes in quite convoluted ways :P), I’m sure there are others which would make life easier for programmers in other scenarios.
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Provide helper classes to import data from different providers:

- Excel (xlsx)

- Access (accdb)