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Category: UI for Silverlight
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It will be nice to expose public API to allow custom touch handling.

With 2016 Q1 version, a static TouchManager has been introduced allowing handling of touch events, gestures, and adding custom touch gestures.
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Exception is thrown if the size of Fluid is 0 and you maximize the window.
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Category: UI for Silverlight
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When IsTabStop = False the focus is going through :

 *  RadAutoCompleteBox
 *  RadComboBox (when IsEditable is set to True)
 *  RadNumericUpDown
 *  RadMaskedTextInput
 *  RadDatePicker
 *  RadDateTimePicker

Available in the R3 2016 Release.

For RadAutoCompletebox, RadComboBox, RadDateTimePicker and RadNumericUpDown, the TabNavigationExtensions.IsTabStop attached property should be used to indicate whether the control is included in the tab navigation cycle.

For RadMaskedTextInput, MaskedInputExtensions.IsEditorTabStop attached property should be used.
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