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Last Updated: 12 May 2016 11:32 by Clinton Smyth
We'd like to distribute the standalone report tool to our clients and provide data through a web service. We don't want to have to redistribute a dll everytime we make new data available.

The standalone report tool should be able to query our webservice for what data is available and then allow the client user to create reports from it.  i.e. obtain list of table names dynamically as well as their column names and data.

A possible solution is to allow the tool to view and interact with classes in an external assembly that are dynamically generated with Reflection.Emit.
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Last Updated: 07 Oct 2015 13:15 by Matthew
I would like to see a control as in an addition to the kendo mvc toolkit where you could build into an application the ability for customers to design the layouts of their reports.  For example.. Say you have an app you built for multiple customers.  Now the app might have a series of basic report templates in terms of queriable object model outputs. Being able to build an interface that would allow the customers to design their own layouts for what fields, positioning on the page etc..labels etc. and save that design to their account for future consumption would be a huge selling feature for an application. 
Specific example an invoicing application.  Well you could pre build a bunch of templates and have the customer choose one (the only real option currently available)...or you could provide a list of fields(based on object models for the underlying report query) and have an embedded designer allow them to design their own invoice and save it.  

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Created by: Kevin
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We have developed additional logic around the Telerik Reporting Engine so I don't know if this would be valuable to anyone else or not but I would love to have the ability to associate custom properties to a control.  

The use case that comes to mind most is the logic we have implemented to auto size text that displays on a report to fit in the area provided.  We use a control naming scheme to determine what controls should be auto sized and how they should be sized in relation to other parts of the report.  It is typically assigned used with a Panel, a TextBox, or an HTMLTextBox.

I would love to have the ability to add two associate two additional properties to these controls that could be used in the stand alone designer to allow users to set an AutoSize (true / false) and a SizingGroup (string) property on these controls rather than worry about making sure the control is named properly.  I would allow users to more easily leverage this functionality.

I realize that it is unlikely that this will be implemented since it wouldn't be widely used but I like to dream.
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