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When the Report is shown in the HTML5 Interactive viewer, you can move the mouse over the cells in the Hyperlink column. When a cell has the mouse cursor hovering over it, a gray border is drawn around the cell.

The problem is that this gray border is partially covered by the Background color of the next cell.

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Created by: Otto Neff
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Type: Feature Request
It's currently not possible to define in the HTML5 Report Viewer "per Report" the available Export formats. It's also not possible to alter the List in the given JS Events because the List of PDF,XLS,etc is loaded on MouseOver in the menu.

Would be great to have some kind of options, array list in the widget options to define what export formats are displayed.

Kind regards, Otto.
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Created by: Patrick
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Type: Feature Request

For the new Swiss paiment system, we need to add a QR Code with a logo inside it. The logo must be centered and be 7x7 mm.

Currently, there is no possibility to do it with Telerik Reporting, so please add it.

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Currently, the row/record delimiter when exporting to CSV is taken from the environment. This way, the same CSV document will have different line separators when exported from Windows and Linux.

It will be very useful if the row delimiter can be specified in the device information settings the same way the field delimiter can.

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The Group Footer rows of my table are displayed thinner than the rest of the table rows in PDF rendering. However, they are designed the same as the Group Header Rows and the Detail rows.
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In WebReportDesigner for Blazor application I cannot find the already set WebServiceDataSource parameters. When I try to create a table using the table wizard and select the existing WebServiceDataSource, I don't see any Data Source Fields.
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Data Explorer of the Report Designer does not refresh the schema on the Refresh button click when the Stored Procedure used in a SqlDataSource component is modified.

You need to reconfigure the data source component, for example, just open the Data Source Wizard and click Finish, or close and re-open the report for the actual refresh.

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Currently the ticks separating categories in the Category Axis have constant lengths. I need to elongate them for better separation between the category labels.
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Created by: Jolanta
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Type: Bug Report
Try to put a very long text that cannot fit on a single line in a TextBox with solid borders. When you export to PDF, the text may spill out of the TextBox borders.
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My report consists of a Report Header and a Detail section. Their design-time height is totally less than 20mm. There are no PageBreaks or GroupPageBreaks and all KeepTogether properties are False. In Print Preview, the Detail section starts from the second page when the PaperSize Height is 88mm or less. This is not expected as there is sufficient space left after the Report Header. The Detail section starts rendering from the first page only when the paper height is more than 88mm, which is the expected behavior.

See the forum post Report Header and Detail Section does not print together for the report definition that allows reproducing the issue.

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Clicking Zoon In button in the viewer's toolbar makes the report content smaller instead of larger. Reproducible when PageMode is set to SinglePage.
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Current Behavior

1. Open the Standalone Report Designer.

2. Navigate to the Open Menu.

3. Select the Computer Tab.

4. Observe the available list of folders under the Computer Menu.

5. Navigate to the Options Menu.

6. Change the Default Working Directory.

7. Navigate to the Open Menu.

8. Observe the Available Folder and the directory will not be listed.

9. Select the Browse Button.

10. Observe the open folder is not the expected Default Working Directory from Step 6.

Expected Behavior

It would be nice to remove the previous folder from the Standalone Report Designer Open Menu.

Last Updated: 18 May 2020 11:28 by Amit
Grouping Report Export to excel Expand and collapse option is missing in Excel, Please add this feature.
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Standalone Report Designer is not localized when the trdp file is opened. The localization only takes effect when the executable file is started first and then the report is opened. 

Reproducible in R2 2020

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When scanning the Code39 barcode "I1234567D" from a PDF report, the read value is "I1234567DI" with an extra I added to the end. 
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Created by: Hal
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It would be very helpful for us people that have been using Telerik Reporting in Silverlight (or WPF) applications to have access to a Report Viewer for Windows Store Apps (XAML).  The future of Silverlight is unclear at least and there are many Line Of Business Applications currently running under Silverlight and I know of many developers that are looking to port their LOB apps to Windows Store Apps (or Universal Apps).  The current HTML5 Report Viewer does not provide printing when it is implemented in browser window in Windows Store Apps so we cannot really offer this option to our customers.
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When you render a report that contains numbered or bulleted lists in PPTX, in the result document it is not possible to introduce further indenting with Tab, or from the menu. It is weird that even adding new text boxes does not allow you to adjust the indentation of lists by using Tab. The whole document does not allow it.
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I have designed a report that includes an embedded SubReport. When I render it to PDF, it looks correct.  When I render it to CSV, there are two issues that are probably related:

  1. The heading row columns should contain the main report's detail row textbox names followed by the SubReport 's detail row textbox names.  However, the SubReport 's detail textbox names are repeated a few times instead of just included once.
  2. In the situation where there is no detail row in the SubReport, a CRLF is missing at the end of the main report's detail data.  The next main report detail data appears on the same row, following the previous main report's last detail column -- it should begin on the next line.

I understand that CSV Rendering is not recommend for hierarchical output as described in the CSV Design Considerations. However, I am using the Hide the SubReport if no Values to not display the SubReport when there is not data. The hidden SubReport implementation can be seen in the below binding expression.


    <Binding Expression="=Count(Fields.AP_OPN_CHK_VCH_NO_C)>0" Path="Parent.Parent.Parent.Visible"/>


Using the above approach, the master report is missing a CRLF when the detail data is not visible. The record shows it appended to the previous record.

I started working with Support on this issue and have discovered that it might be a bug. As a result, I am also attaching their sample to help replicate the issue. For the pdf and csv output see the first attachment in the original ticket.



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Created by: Brandon
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Type: Feature Request

I am suggesting a global 'this.value' option for conditional formatting. This approach would allow quick use of the fields value to be the basis of the condition. In reports that use complex and sometimes lengthy calculations, this is would be a huge timesaver.  This feature would also have to work with your current 'cut and paste' rule feature.


If I had to create individual rules for each box on a page, or a series of rules for each box to do multiple colors it would be a very unproductive use of time for me.


Putting my one project in perspective, if I had to do it with rules.


Right now, I have over 300 fields with 2 rules each, which is 600 rules to write and that is only about 75% of what I need on a single page of the report. This is a serious time burn activity just to get something like a conditional formatting to work on the value of the field. The rule approach might be good if the solution has less than 10 fields, but to have the shear numbers I do, I do not think it rule creation for each field is a viable solution.  Another solution proposed was to create additional calculated columns. The problem with this is that the data source already has 100+ columns and I would hate to add any more fields (at least 100+ more), due to performance considerations.

I love the Telerik reporting solution do to the instant flexibility in my apps, but the conditional formatting is lacking especially if you use it for large analysis reports with comparisons that the client (and myself) would like coloring of the text to 'see' things easier.


Telerik: See ticket 1462207 as reference

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