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While processing, if Barcode item throws an exception (for example "Barcode is too large to fit!"), the report's Error event is not fired.


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In Standalone designer, when the Localizable of the Report is set to True and a new Language is selected, there is an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error.

Workaround: save the document after changing the culture/language, close the report, and then re-opening the saved report in the designer.

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Telerik.ReportViewer.Mvc.SendEmail class in Telerik Reporting ASP.NET MVC does not contain fields "Cc", "Subject", "Body" (

But JS documentation dontains such fields (

I'm using the latest version of kendo ui and telerik reporting.

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It would be nice to have Visual Studio Item Templates for Telerik Reporting REST Service and Html5 Viewer also for .NET Core projects
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This will enable Reports in a Report Book to be represented in different TOC levels, i.e. if it is necessary to have some of the reports to be in an inner level of main Report Book TOC they could be grouped in a separate Report Book, and the latter could be included as ReportSource in the main Report Book.
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Created by: Dmytro
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Type: Bug Report

Telerik.Reporting.OpenXmlRendering.2.7.2.dll from the latest release (R1 2009) references the from version of DocumentFormat.OpenXml. See the screenshot:

Here the screenshot for the prev version (R3 2018 SP2):

Because of this our projects referencing DocumentFormat.OpenXml 2.8.1 (the latest version) are all broken. Xlsx rendering simply does not work anymore.

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In general, the Page sections do not collapse or expand based on their content. Also the report header and group header sections span the width of the column.

It would be nice if, for example, have another section that either could expand/collapse based on the content and do not be affected by the report's page settings.

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When opening the Edit Expression dialog, the state between HTML view and Design view is lost when using build-in functions, but it keeps the value if it is a simple text with formatting.
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I would like to formally request the ability to "sign" in some fashion a trdp/trdx file.  Note that if only the new file format is supported then that would be acceptable.

Basically, I would like to apply some signature that we could, if we so chose, read from the report file to verify that it was us that created or last modified the file.

If we need to use a separate tool to apply the signature other than the report designer, that would not be an issue.

The signature could be anything that Telerik/Progress decides we can use such as a code signing certificate, a strong name, etc.

Using the last modified time, or a hash value created from the current contents of the report file would not be a good solution as that would mean we would need to have a list of the hash values for each report and it would need to be updated every time the report is changed.
We are looking for something that could be applied to all reports that we create and that clients could not replicate.

This would need to be something that clients who we deploy the report files to cannot replicate and therefore if they modify the report file using the Telerik designer, it would remove that signature.  This way we can easily programmatically determine if the client has modified the report, and therefore prevent using it as if it is ours.

Note that we provide the ability to use custom reports in our application which are treated as separate from our core provided reports.  Also, I had posted to the forum asking if this is currently possible (

Thank you.

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It would be good if the table headers can be frozen.  This can  be really useful in case of a big report which is displayed on a single page.
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Created by: Lance | Technical Support Engineer, Principal
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Add the new Crystal theme to the theme ResourceDictionaries available for the WPF and Silverlight ReportViewers. 
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If I have a dropdown or multi select list as a report parameter, if there are many items in the list then you are forever scrolling. Can a search feature be built in so that you can search for items you want in the list and select rather than having to scrolling up and down?
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I would like the end user to be able to resize the DocumentMap and if possible the Parameters Area.
Many times when the names are long they are cut off.
Many of my user will have clients will have similar names like law firms with a particular attorney name appended.


With the current implementation it would be cut off before you could see the end of the name.

This requires them to use the scroll bar back and forth instead of resizing the area like the old webforms viewer.
Please see picture for references.
Also if there was an option for the names to have tooltips so they could just hover that would be helpful.

The parameter map at least will wrap the names that are long it’s the DocumentMap that is the bigger problem.
Thanks John
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When in Print Preview, allow the user to view more than one page at a time. Maybe using the zoom out or mouse wheel to show more and zoom in to show less.

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Created by: Rob
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I need to contract the services of a developer that is really good at Telerik Reporting - I am having an extremely hard time finding such a person - can you help?
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Using the send e-mail functionality, in CC field the emails are not received.
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Created by: Jonathan
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Type: Feature Request
This function would allow you to lookup a value from another data source with a value that is in your current data source.  It would return the first matching value for the specified name from a data source that contains name/value pairs.

This would allow the porting of many SSRS reports over to Telerik Reporting.


I have a report which lists all sales staff in our firm, with other personal information. We have a multi-dimensional data source (Cube) where we have all the financial data stored and calculated. 

If I wanted to retrieve the total sales and total revenue that each member of the sales staff had, it would require me to use a sub-report to load the data (using a parameter to pass the staff member's unique ID).  

This causes the loading/generating of the report to take longer, as the query against the Cube has to happen for each member of the sales staff, because of the use of a sub-report. With this new LOOKUP() function, it would allow the data source to be loaded and the report would be able to lookup the sales and revenue values for each staff member ID.
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Created by: Harni
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It would be nice if we can set ToolTips for the report parameters in design time
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With the recent release of StackExchange.Redis v2.0 there are HARD BREAK changes. I would like Telerik Reporting to work also with this version.
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As for now, from the supported rendering extensions, only the PDF renders a document map as Bookmarks pane. All other rendering extensions ignore document maps.

It would be nice to have Document Map in Word documents too.