manish budhathoki

decompile for vb6 project option on justdecmpile

Feature Request by manish budhathoki Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-10-09T05:27:14 by manish budhathoki
Ashar Zaman

Import VS Theme for Color

Would be great if you could use the Visual Studio exported Settings > Fonts and colors for the look and feel
Feature Request by Ashar Zaman Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-10-06T15:22:26 by Ashar Zaman
Dilip Kate

Export the source code in class library

I want to debug the c# source code in my solution so it would be good if could do this feature to export the entire code in class library.
Feedback by Dilip Kate Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-09-17T11:17:12 by Dilip Kate
Doug Thompson

export a solution that will compile

I am writing some mocks /fakes for code that uses this Logging Framework.
So I decompiled the DLL into a project and it would not compile.
All I wanted to do was to have some unit tests that can cope with 'Logging'.
If your decompile something, if there are problem area, at least a comment would be helpful.
Idea by Doug Thompson Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Attachments: 1 Last update: 2018-09-04T13:10:23 by Doug Thompson
Will Sullivan

Add an option in settings to associate with dlls

I don't know why but JD keeps being disassociated with DLLs, and it's a pain to re-associate. Make it easy for us by adding something in settings to do it for us.
Feedback by Will Sullivan Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-08-31T12:50:33 by Will Sullivan
Will Sullivan

Stop stealing focus by popping open the update dialog

It's annoying. Figure out a different way to let us know there's an update.
Feedback by Will Sullivan Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-08-31T12:49:29 by Will Sullivan
nalsminator .

dark interface

a dark interface alternative
Idea by nalsminator . Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-08-14T14:58:49 by nalsminator .
Lukas Grützmacher

install update on exit program

If a new version of JustDecompile is available, the user will be informed soon after starting the program. At this time the initial intention is getting details of an assembly. I have two options:
1. Ignore update and continue analysis
2. Install update and restart analysis later

I want to recommend third option: Allow installation of update after analysis is complete, while shutdown of program. (E.g. Paint.NET is doing so.)
Idea by Lukas Grützmacher Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-08-07T07:51:55 by Lukas Grützmacher
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