Dierik Vermeir


For performance testing it would be great to have:
1) a timeline like in Fiddler
2) a request comparison like in sql server management studio - SQL Client statistics (see attachment)
Idea by Dierik Vermeir Status: New Comments: 0 Attachments: 1 Last update: 2017-01-19T10:06:40 by Dierik Vermeir
Mikhail Rogachev

Search button in Body panel

Hi Team,

Is it possible to add "Search" button into "Response - Body" panel? I guess it could be very helpful if the "Body" is huge.

Idea by Mikhail Rogachev Status: Reviewed Comments: 1 Last update: 2017-01-18T14:29:32 by Ivan Atanasov
Dave Hogan

Large responses appears to hang Test Studio

Seems to hang for 5+ mins with large (800kb) XML response (ATOM Feed). My response is a single line with no breaks which maybe compounding the issue?

Possibly related to the prettifier: https://feedback.telerik.com/Project/182/Feedback/Details/195944-api-tester-formatted-response
Feedback by Dave Hogan Status: In Development Comments: 3 Last update: 2017-01-18T11:40:50 by Nathan Lord
Rafal Czabaj

Validation: Size of array and null check

When validating JSON files by path, it would be good to check the size of an array or if an object is null or not based on JSON path.

First one, size of array, can be implemented with .hasSize(int n) attribute from JsonPath.

Second one, check whether an object is null, can be implemented within doesNotExists() method.

For my scenario, I have a request that contains N elements and response that should contain <= N responses. I would like to check if response array is not null and if it contains X elements based on request count.
Feature Request by Rafal Czabaj Status: Reviewed Comments: 4 Last update: 2017-01-16T15:12:03 by Ivan Atanasov
Rob Stewart

creating variable from two body elements

I have a webapi service that returns an authorization type and token. I would like to be able to create an authToken variable that has "TokenType Token" i.e. Bearer bearerTokenValue====. If I try to do $.TokenType $.Token, it gives me an error.
Feature Request by Rob Stewart Status: Reviewed Comments: 1 Last update: 2017-01-11T09:54:38 by Oleg Georgiev
Bishoy Ghaly

oauth 2.0

I had to stop using the test studio when I could not find any way to help me authorize my requests with an OAuth 2.0 "authorization code grant" which requires a tricky form submit
Feedback by Bishoy Ghaly Status: Completed Comments: 2 Last update: 2017-01-09T11:18:18 by Kiril Stanoev
Dominik Deobald

Clone / Duplicate Http Request

You can already "copy" and "paste" Http Requests to get a cloned request, but a simple "Clone" or "Duplicate" menu item would simplify creating multiple similar reqests even more.
Feature Request by Dominik Deobald Status: Reviewed Comments: 3 Last update: 2017-01-04T07:34:52 by Dobry Zranchev
Albert Morvay

Allow resizing of "variable name" column

I noticed that specifying longer, more descriptive variable names, results in them being cut off, despite adequate space being available (see attached screenshot).

Would it be possible to permit manual resizing or introduce automated resizing which takes advantage of the available screen real estate.

This is of course just a minor UI improvement but I thought I would mention it; perhaps others with a lot of variables might find this useful too.
Feedback by Albert Morvay Status: Reviewed Comments: 1 Attachments: 1 Last update: 2017-01-03T16:14:59 by Iliyan Panchev
zxxc zxxc

load testing

Nice to have possibility to create 10 testcases, create new TestProject or similar
And say:
Launch Test2 5 times every second next 5 minutes, Test 5 2000 times in next 5 minutes
And start them all in one time
then see a chart with response times and when server will fail to process requests
Feedback by zxxc zxxc Status: Reviewed Comments: 1 Last update: 2017-01-03T11:40:04 by Ivan Atanasov
Hector Santana

attempting to rename a folder doesn't work on first try

Whenever you create multiple new folders and try to rename them, the folder gets deselected and the screen does a quick flicker. If you try again, then it works fine, but it happens constantly for me each time I try to rename a new folder.

Version 2016.3.1117.0
Feedback by Hector Santana Status: In Development Comments: 1 Last update: 2017-01-03T11:12:41 by Ivan Atanasov
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