Elena Tsvetkova

Source control integration in API projects

Source control to be integrated for API projects
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luo wangda

Can't Get multiple Cookie


Set-Cookie: ASP.NET_SessionId=om43jq3nzkcloufperz2obqk; path=/; HttpOnly
Set variable
Source:Headers Set-Cookie ,Variable:Cookie
http request is
Cookie: System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.String]
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Deniz Serefoglu

Using Turkish Character causes Test Studio not to respond

Using Turkish Character in Folder name and test steps causes Test Studio not to respond
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Elena Tsvetkova

API test verification of null value

Steps to reproduce:

1. Add a verification in a test to verify certain value is null

Actual: Despite of what value is set in the Verification it will not pass
Expected: To set 'null' or empty field so that the verification passes.
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Oleg Georgiev
Team Member

Allow http request timeout to refer to a custom variable

I am logging this feature request on behalf of Eugeniy Gorbovoy.

Currently the timeout setting of http requests allows only numeric input and defaults to 2000 ms when left empty. The initial plans are to implement a global project-level setting for timeout that all http requests should inherit (unless locally overwritten). (I hope we will have it delivered in some of our releases in the near future.) This should handle most cases when users want to manage the timeout from a single place instead of manually increasing it for every new http step they create.

Still the idea for accepting a reference to a variable seems appealing since some users might prefer to have several "tiers" of timeout rules across the test project and manage them using variables. Any comments and shared use-cases are appreciated.
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Elena Tsvetkova

Filters for HTTP Request Recording

completely separate the request filtering from the column filtering. In other words, the requests should appear based on (currently non-existent) 'input filters', which could have any number of filter conditions added, and a capability to be set as the default filters. The grid column filters would apply only to rows that actually appear in the grid (the requests that pass the input filters).
Since that won't happen in the short term, there are a couple of things that would help a little with the current approach. The first one is the addition of a 'Does not end with' filter option. The second thing would be to allow the use of a token to separate multiple values for the criteria. In other words, I could say 'Ends with', and have the value be a string like ".css:.js:.ico" (that's hard to see here - it's a semi-colon separated list of file extensions) The code could then operate on each value in the list.
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Elena Tsvetkova

Filter is missing in Type column in a recorded session

1. Record some traffic
2. Try to apply a filter in the last column 'Type'
Expected: To be able to apply a filter
Actual: The filter icon and menu are missing.
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Jhobany Peña

Extract part of Header

Hello guys!
I'm try to extract a little part of a Header but i don't know how... Can help me?
I attached the example... I need to extract "392" from the header in other variable to use in the next method "Update".

1. Create an element (This method returns me a "Location" header).
2. Set variable with the "Location" header value. ex: extract only "392" of the string.
3. Update the element "392".
4. Delete the element "392".

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Hector Santana

attempting to rename a folder doesn't work on first try

Whenever you create multiple new folders and try to rename them, the folder gets deselected and the screen does a quick flicker. If you try again, then it works fine, but it happens constantly for me each time I try to rename a new folder.

Version 2016.3.1117.0
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Jonathan Reth

Allow Test Cases and Folders to be re-ordered

Currently, the Project pane items autosort by name when they are created. It would be more useful if we could manually sort these items so we can run tests sequentially instead of alphabetically. Currently I'm resorting to naming folders and test cases with a numerical system to get them in the order I want them to be in.
Idea by Jonathan Reth Status: Reviewed Comments: 1 Last update: 2017-03-02T11:37:53 by Oleg Georgiev
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