Jhobany Peña

Extract part of Header

Hello guys!
I'm try to extract a little part of a Header but i don't know how... Can help me?
I attached the example... I need to extract "392" from the header in other variable to use in the next method "Update".

1. Create an element (This method returns me a "Location" header).
2. Set variable with the "Location" header value. ex: extract only "392" of the string.
3. Update the element "392".
4. Delete the element "392".

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Hector Santana

attempting to rename a folder doesn't work on first try

Whenever you create multiple new folders and try to rename them, the folder gets deselected and the screen does a quick flicker. If you try again, then it works fine, but it happens constantly for me each time I try to rename a new folder.

Version 2016.3.1117.0
Feedback by Hector Santana Status: Completed Comments: 2 Last update: 2017-03-07T07:53:14 by Oleg Georgiev
Jonathan Reth

Allow Test Cases and Folders to be re-ordered

Currently, the Project pane items autosort by name when they are created. It would be more useful if we could manually sort these items so we can run tests sequentially instead of alphabetically. Currently I'm resorting to naming folders and test cases with a numerical system to get them in the order I want them to be in.
Idea by Jonathan Reth Status: Reviewed Comments: 1 Last update: 2017-03-02T11:37:53 by Oleg Georgiev
R de Ronde

Set variable does not get set since last update


Yesterday I updated Telerik API to version 2017.1.207.0 and I now seem to have trouble getting the Bearertoken set using Set Variable.

The Set Variable step is defined as

Source: Body JSONPath acces_token
Variable: Bearertoken
Convert to: none
Target Level: Test

which worked fine with the Response Body in an earlier step that returned the AccessToken


which resulted in setting the Bearertoken as "xxxx"

Since the update the Bearertoken does not get set (=empty). This is probably due to a new validation of the JSON path: "The path is not a valid Jsonpath" ?
However, if I change JSONPath to $.access_token the bearertoken still does not get set (=empty).
Please advise on how to get this working again. It blocks running my testcases.
Feedback by R de Ronde Status: Completed Comments: 4 Last update: 2017-02-28T16:05:26 by mshtilianov mshtilianov
R de Ronde

Option to ignore a test during testexecution

It would be very welcome if there is an option to be able to ignore a test during testexecution. For example when you have a suite with tests and you know that one test will keep failing for some time (api work in progress etc), after running the suite, the suite gets a red dot while the others tests have passed.
Idea by R de Ronde Status: Reviewed Comments: 2 Last update: 2017-02-27T08:27:08 by Oleg Georgiev
Wesley Kenis

test studio

I try using OAuth2.0 and fill in all required data (client & secret)

1. I can't set the grant type to password
2. the request just ignores my entries and keeps using Basic with whatever you think is my password since there is not even a posibility to edit the test variables

3. update request places a Basic authorization tag instead of the OAuth2 I filled in

for an alpha version this would be ok, but for a Beta this should have been tested before release
Feedback by Wesley Kenis Status: Reviewed Comments: 1 Last update: 2017-02-20T15:13:45 by Oleg Georgiev
Alexis Coles

base-url not recognised

I have just downloaded the latest version 2016.3.928.0 (why cant i copy this version number from the help about menu?).

have set base-url under project to http://localhost:59093 and added a test that calls {{base-url}}/SxWinService?environment=uat1&serviceName=*Entity* however when run it calls http://localhost:5000/SxWinService?environment=uat1&serviceName=*Entity*

At least it did last few times I ran it, but not this time, very strange I don't think I have done anything. maybe saved the project, hmmm. weird. Anyway there is defo something strange about this.

Very much like this https://feedback.telerik.com/Project/182/Feedback/Details/205353-base-url-mostly-defaults-to-localhost5000

which seems to be signed off, but there is something weird with it. Maybe try testing on a fresh box...
Feedback by Alexis Coles Status: Completed Comments: 2 Last update: 2017-02-10T16:30:58 by Oleg Georgiev
Patryk Patkowski

TS needs to be restarted after variables are set

1. Create new variable
2. Write test with variable
3. Variable does not exist until TS is restarted

11:35:17.238 [ERROR] [FAILED] | | 'POST {{variable}}' [80 ms] [3kIGJsPrSkMyCmJcS4Lcm7] 'Value cannot be null.
Feedback by Patryk Patkowski Status: Completed Comments: 1 Last update: 2017-02-10T16:28:31 by Oleg Georgiev
Peter Heijligers

Authorization using the bearer token

In our Web API authorization we make use of the bearer token. Is it possible to use the bearer token in Telerik Test Studio too, or is this a new feature request?
Feedback by Peter Heijligers Status: Completed Comments: 5 Last update: 2017-02-10T16:21:57 by Oleg Georgiev
Kieron Fairgrieve

Verifications & Conditions using xpath

Would be nice to be able to do XPath to select item to Verify or Constraint against
Feature Request by Kieron Fairgrieve Status: Completed Comments: 3 Last update: 2017-02-10T16:17:31 by Oleg Georgiev
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