Matt Smith

Manually add connect to pop-up window step

Allow adding a "Connect to pop-up window" step from the Step Builder.

Currently, there are two ways to add a "Connect to pop-up window" step. One is to record an action that causes the pop-up and allow Test Studio to automatically add the connection step. The other is to copy and paste an existing step.

Being able to add the step from the Step Builder prevents having to record a test, wait for Test Studio to connect, and then change the automatically created values to the desired values.
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Elena Tsvetkova
Team Member

Custom WPF app crashes during recording with TS when displaying dialog

A customer's WPF application crashes when a dialog appears during a recording session with Test Studio. The actions to trigger the dialog are being successfully recorded.

Details shared internally!
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Elena Tsvetkova
Team Member

AddEventListener() is not working in IE

There is no exception but the flag if the click is handled is not set to true. The code is reused from this article.
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Elena Tsvetkova
Team Member

AddEventListener() is not working in FF and Chrome

There is an exception when trying to add the event listener. The code is reused from this article -

Expected: successful run

Actual: an exception is thrown.

ArtOfTest.WebAii.Exceptions.ExecuteCommandException: ExecuteCommand failed!
InError set by the client. Client Error:
this.eventHandlers is undefined
BrowserCommand (Type:'Action',Info:'NotSet',Action:'AttachEventHandler',Target:'ElementId (tagName: 'input',occurrenceIndex: '5')',Data:'click--@@--21e26bef-07eb-4e5b-b383-3e91f4b50f9b',ClientId:'fa1e60f0-697c-4d4b-bda7-a0c37a473a96',HasFrames:'False',FramesInfo:'',TargetFrameIndex:'-1',InError:'True',Response:'this.eventHandlers is undefined')

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Elena Tsvetkova
Team Member

Extend the custom dynamic target feature

Implement partial search in Headers and Cookie (as the search options for response Body) to get values from the source step.
Feedback by Elena Tsvetkova Status: Not Done Comments: 1 Last update: 2018-08-02T12:21:25 by Alex Nestor
Elena Tsvetkova
Team Member

Change next URL using Custom dynamic targets//Load testing

Implement the ability to change the whole URL in the upcoming requests to handle redirects.
Feedback by Elena Tsvetkova Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-08-02T11:49:23 by Elena Tsvetkova
Elena Tsvetkova
Team Member

Results tab and Reports In TS Mobile

It will be useful to add Results area and Reports in Test Studio Mobile.

The ability to Export the results from mobile tests execution will be also beneficial.
Feature Request by Elena Tsvetkova Status: Not Done Comments: 1 Last update: 2018-07-30T12:59:30 by roopa murugan
Ivaylo Todorov
Team Member

WPF Save As dialog with custom title is not handled properly

Details and project for reproduction provided internally
Feedback by Ivaylo Todorov Status: Not Done Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-07-27T11:14:16 by Ivaylo Todorov
Ivaylo Todorov
Team Member

The /trial flag displayed in the the logs when opening a project

Open a project in Test Studio and you'll notice the following flag which causes customer's confusion:

[07/27 13:29:22,Telerik.TestStudio.Desktop.exe(12952:1)] First trace message from process 12952: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Test Studio\Bin\Telerik.TestStudio.Desktop.exe" False "C:\Users\ittodorov\Documents\Test Studio Projects\TestProject132" ======> /trial

Feedback by Ivaylo Todorov Status: Reviewed by QA Comments: 0 Last update: 2018-07-27T10:57:24 by Ivaylo Todorov
Cody Gibson

Intermittently test list getting stuck while halting dialog monitoring

Randomly and intermittently test lists get stuck while halting dialog monitoring. The only way to recover is to kill the execution server and restart it. The customer has caught many occurrences of it happening. The end of the log is always the same and the results never get pushed to storage:

[12/04 15:27:38,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),Execution] ExecutionEngine.NotifyBeforeStepExecuted() : Executing step 11 "Click 'LogOutLink'"...
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),Execution] ExecutionEngine.NotifyAfterStepExecuted() : Finished executing step 11 "Click 'LogOutLink'".
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),TestStudio] VisualDebugger.ShutDown() : VisualDebbuger::ShutDown::Start
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),TestStudio] VisualDebugger.ShutDown() : VisualDebbuger::ShutDown::End
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),Framework] BrowserProvisioner.EndService() : Connecting to the provisioning pipe "Pipe.ArtOfTest.WebAii.BrowserProvisioner_-1436227403" in order to unblock and eventually terminate it...
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),Framework] BrowserProvisioner.EndService() : Provisioning pipe connected.
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:13),Framework] BrowserProvisioner.ServiceThread() : A new client has connected to the provisioning pipe but this will be treated as a termination cue.
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),Framework] BrowserProvisioner.EndService() : Provisioning thread terminated.
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),DialogPlayback] DialogMonitor.AddDialog() : Added {OnBeforeUnloadDialog(Dismiss=OK)} for monitoring.
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),Framework] Manager.RemoveBrowser() : Removed client ID "Client_db0ad177-1b53-4980-b5ff-a82e5163050b" (0 remaining).
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),Framework] Manager.SetActiveBrowser() : Active browser is now null.
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),Framework] BrowserRemoted.End() : Now aborting the listener thread (TID = 15).
[12/04 15:27:39,iexplore.exe(2464:1),Framework] BrowserRemoteClient.Disconnect() : Sending ClientDisconnectRequest(ClientId="Client_db0ad177-1b53-4980-b5ff-a82e5163050b") to pipe server...
[12/04 15:27:39,iexplore.exe(2464:1),Framework] BrowserRemoteClient.Disconnect() : Command pipe is already disconnected.
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:15),Warning] PipeCommunication.SyncPipeRead() : Pipe read broken by thread-abort.
[12/04 15:27:39,ArtOfTest.Runner.exe(5872:19),DialogPlayback] DialogMonitor.Stop() : Dialog monitoring is being halted.

I don't know how to make it happen, but it's happening very frequently on the customers execution server.
Problem by Cody Gibson Status: Deleted Comments: 3 Attachments: 1 Last update: 2018-07-25T08:30:49 by Ivaylo Todorov
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