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Vikram Swamy

The labels for DateTimeContinuousAxis should show even when there is no chart data

I am using the Telerik Chart component for Android, to produce a simple chart with Date/Time on the X-axis and Blood pressure on the Y-axis. I want the X-axis labels to always show up regardless of whether there is data in the chart. However, what I find is that the X-axis labels are only showing up if there are data points in the chart.

Your iOS chart component does show X-axis labels regardless of whether there is chart data.

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Todor Petrov
Team Member

Gauges: Support for touch

Gauges for iOS have an allowTouch property.
Add its counterpart in Gauges for Android.
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Notice that recent years the messaging app adopted the conversation mode type. That ditches the old mode aka "inbox" mode.

Which the inbox mode allows users to catogory messages(sms) in "days" mode. Eg, mon-sun, last week, older messages.

Humble-ly request google to add in this old useful fucntion, so that users can toggle around to their own preference.

Understood that conversation mode may-be a popular function, but doesn't mean that inbox mode isn't helpful.

I sincerely hope that this simple fucntion could be added to the next andriod update.

I'm unable to upload video or pic.
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Aaron Pillay



I have found that for a RadCatesianChart, when using the CartesianChartGrid, it is not possible to switch off the Major Y Lines, ie. make them invisible.

I am using the following code :

CartesianChartGrid grid = new CartesianChartGrid();

It seems like the line of code :
does not work.

See attached screenshot still showing MajorLines for the Y-Axis

Please advise
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Yehuda Elitzur

click event on events list in inline calendar

I would like to use the inline calendar but I need a click event on event items in the list.
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gevik valijani


I have issue with ChartToolTipBehavior,it works OK ,but sometimes it is not pointing the right direction,and it is not accurate.I attached the image that shows what i mean.

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Todor Petrov
Team Member

AppFeedback: Customize AppFeedback's text messages

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Todor Petrov
Team Member

AppFeedback: Improve customization options for the control.

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Nikolay Diyanov

RTL for the Calendar cells

For certain end-users, views of the Calendar should have their cells ordered in RTL, meaning that the flow should be Sunday, Saturday, Friday, Thursday and so on.
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