Nancy Gauvin


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Anne S


The Sitefinity dec data-centers are down.
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Viktor Zhivkov
Team Member

Out of the box asynchronous queries

As OpenAccess developer I would like to be able to queries against database in asynchronous manner. This will allow me to develop more responsive applications and improve performance in numeric scenarios.
Currently I have to implement asynchronous queries manually which is tedious and error prone work.
Feature Request by Viktor Zhivkov Status: Reviewed Comments: 3 Last update: 2016-12-05T16:08:56 by Philip Chamberlin
Michael Plahuta
Doroteya Agayna

Generation of fluent models with Data Access Q2 2015 and higher

After the deprecation of the Visual Studio integration, the database-first approach of building Data Access models is not supported, and a tool that provides it will be handy.
Feature Request by Doroteya Agayna Status: New Comments: 108 Attachments: 2 Last update: 2016-10-19T18:23:48 by Marko Gluhak
Yan Mamoyko

support for async operations to save, delete, update and insert

please, add support for async operation, would be a good option
Feature Request by Yan Mamoyko Status: Reviewed Comments: 28 Last update: 2016-10-06T07:50:31 by Nuno Coimbra
Aleksandr Shevchenko

download Data Access Q1 2015 doesn't work

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Doroteya Agayna

Data Access support for ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 is in development, but RC1 is already available. As a web developer I would like to be able to use Data Access and ASP.NET 5.
Feature Request by Doroteya Agayna Status: New Comments: 6 Last update: 2016-08-31T21:11:34 by Joshua Holt
Ivailo Ivanov
Team Member

Support for IBM DB2

Currently OpenAccess ORM does not provide support for IBM DB2 database. Please vote for this item in case you would like to use OpenAccess in projects with DB2 data access.
Feature Request by Ivailo Ivanov Status: Reviewed Comments: 15 Last update: 2016-08-26T19:17:40 by Brad Radaker
Alexandre Drouin

Detecting the correct collation for temporary tables

We use a fair amount of Linq in our application and recently when we upgraded from SQL2005 to SQL008 we noticed that DataAccess creates a temporary table for "Where in" clauses which is great performance wise. However we had to disable the use of temporary tables because the collation of our database (case insensitive) is different than the collation of the server (case sensitive); we get an error message (different collation) when DataAccess joins to the temporary table.

It would be great if DataAccess could use the correct collation when creating the temporary table or at least let us specify the collation that we want to use.
Feature Request by Alexandre Drouin Status: New Comments: 1 Last update: 2016-07-22T20:48:46 by David Liebeherr
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