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Created by: Matthew
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Category: UI for PHP
Type: Feature Request

Give users the ability to add custom editors in the Kendo Grid using the existing PHP library. It would be extremely helpful to create the edit control using existing functions (e.g. DateTimePicker) and pass it into the column so that users can leverage all of the existing PHP calls to set up their component and pass it into the grid column. 

For example:

$datePicker= new \Kendo\UI\DateTimePicker('edScheduleDt');

$scheduleDateCol = new \Kendo\UI\GridColumn();
$scheduleDateCol ->field('ScheduleDate')
  ->format('{0:M/d/yyyy h:mm tt}')

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Created by: Rinck
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Category: UI for PHP
Type: Feature Request
I've been playing around with the ImageBrowser (Editor) and would love to see a variation of the ImageBrowser as a standalone widget. If I could use it without the Editor to simply select or upload an image file that would really add value to some of my applications (for which I now have to use a different tool: elFinder).

Since the ImageBrowser already exists, hopefully this would be an easy addition to the KendoUI toolset! :)
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Created by: Imported User
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Category: UI for PHP
Type: Feature Request
Found issue in ImageBrowser.php, for thumbnail, getThumbnail uses setImageHeaders, which send whole image size, not thumbnail size, causing thumbnail loading delay or fail (depending on browser)
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