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we have X(cross) for combo box but it is not coming for datetime picker 

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Created by: Sergei
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We are currently developing an application based on Kendo React components.
We are wondering if the React-Gantt chart has the functionality to edit the data by drag-n-drop the same way it possible with JQuery-Gantt (see attachment).

Thanks in advance for your help.


Kind regards,

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Created by: Oliver
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we are currently using the Kendo jQuery PivotGrid in our application. We have already migrated some controls to React in our application and would like to switch the PivotGrid to React as the next control.

In the jQuery PivotGrid there is the possibility to export the configured PivotGrid to Excel. You can see the feature here: saveasexcel

Is this functionality also available with the React PivotGrid? And can you show us an example how to use this feature to export the pivot grid data to excel?

If this functionality doesn't exist yet, when can we expect it? Are there already plans for this or can you already vote for it somewhere?




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We are migrating our legacy application which uses Telerik for Silverlight to react application with KendoReact controls. I am converting one screen which uses RadTreeView which gives us Drag and Drop with Reordering feature. Now, in KendoReact, TreeList control does not provide both the features. 

Here is what we get when we start dragging item in Silverlight control:


I am expecting the same behavior in KendoReact: TreeList as we have to achieve the same behavior in our react application. This link has some discussion with support team.


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here is a quick repro: https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-dfwz3q?file=package.json

in package.json just switch @progress/kendo-react-grid from 4.10.0 back to 4.9.0 and the column menu renders.

bug still present up through 4.11, 4.12, and @latest 4.13

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Created by: Jeffrey
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What I would like to see is a full height Panel anchored to the body tag similar to a drawer, but the panel would allow me to set the Title, Close Button, and Content manually.  My intent is to create forms in the panel or to use the panel to display details of a single row of data.  What you have appears to be geared towards navigation or the display of discrete data only.







width={number or string}

panelPosition={"start", "end" - similar to flex positions

header={JSX.Component or string}

title={JSX.Component or string}


<Content>{Placeholder for Content}</Content>

<Footer>{Placeholder for Footer Content}</Footer>



The layout would be

------- Top Sticky

Header      Close Icon


Title (could be in the sticky or not)

------ End Top Sticky

Content - Scrollable


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Right now you have the ability to mark a field "Optional" in the label component.   This is fine unless you have a large form and almost everything is optional.  It will then look cluttered.

On the other hand, you don't have a "Required" option.  

I would like to add a prop for subtext so that I can change the  subtext from "optional" to anything I would like such as * or (Required).

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Created by: Derek
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I'm wondering if you have Kendo ReactJS 2D barcode component on the roadmap?  I see that there are wrappers, but would prefer a pure ReactJS solution.  I'd like to add my vote for addition of this component to the ReactJS suite.  Thanks.
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I'm trying out the KendoReact Conversational UI and there are two things that I would expect to exist in the API that I can't seem to find.


1. Unread indicator - I'd like to mark where the last unread message was but there doesn't seem to be a way to do that with the API.

2. Load more messages - I'd like to be able to only load a certain number of messages from the chat history on initial load and then load more messages as the user scrolls (or possibly have a "load more" button) but there doesn't seem to be any callback for that.


I already have ideas to work around both of these with the "messageTemplate" but I wanted to check if I might be missing something obvious first.


-- Erik Sandberg

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I use DateRangePicker to filter data in some period in the past.
Now, when I open DateRangePicker, it renders a calendar with current and future month. Therefore our users always have to click on the "left arrow" to select previous month.

Is it possible to open DateRangePicker with calendar, that renders previous and current month? I tried propfocusedDate, but it is not suitable in this case, because the component is "controlled" (it always has some value, by default it is current date).

It would be great, if you will add some settings to do this.

We use "@progress/kendo-react-dateinputs": "3.10.1"

How we use it:


Actual result: April and May month in view.

Expected result: March and April month in view. 

Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply. 

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Created by: Bob
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Is it possible to add a target line to the ArcGauge?   I have attached a picture of what I would like to accomplish using the ArcGauge component.


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Add an option to export to Excel without the gridlines.

The achieve the same result as the one shown here:

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Add the ability to apply table breakpoints to the Grid for responsive behavior.

Similar to the Bootstrap tables:


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For example, the user goes to an URL where the query string is created initially with the toDataSourceRequestString method, we need a method that will parse that query string to the Grid data state object, so it can be applied to the Grid when the user returns to that URL.

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Created by: Sandeep
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I have a query regarding multiple cell paste and transpose paste

1. Multiple cell pastes:

Mouse selection of multiple cells after selecting, the contents present in the cells should get copied and while pasting it should get paste in multiple cells.
e.g i) column no 3 and 4 having value 200 and 56700 after selection of this  value gets copied while pasting into column no 3 and 4,250 and 3250 replace by copied value
      ii) column no 3 and 4 having value 200 and 56700 and next row value i,e 250and 3250 after selection of this  value gets copied while pasting into column no 5, so the           values 2400,98250,6750,34500 replace by copied values

2.Transpose Paste:

Mouse selection of two or more cells, then the contents present in that cells should get copied then after clicking on transpose paste the copied cell content get pasted vertically in multiple cells.

e.g column no 3 and 4 having value 200 and 56700 after selection of this  value gets copied while pasting into column no 3,250 and 300 replace by copied value

all cells should be editable


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Greetings.  I render my own custom headerCell item with a custom icon. Could you help me to find out the same way for rendering custom icons in k-group-indicator blocks (dropable area for grouping)?
Thanks in advance
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Create a custom view with only specific dates shown in the Scheduler.

For example, the Sheculder will only show the dates 02/02/2020, 02/10/2020 and 02/20/2020.

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Add parseFormats option to the KendoReact DateInputs (DateInput, DatePicker, DateTimePicker etc).

The option is expected to work as the parseFormats one available in Kendo UI:


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I am currently using kendoReact TreeList and using custom filtering for text. I want to limit allow filtering to happen only after user enters 3 or more characters. For this I want to show a placeholder saying "Enter more than 3 characters to filter....". Can I add a placeholder to the filter header ?


Thanks and Regards

Gaurav Thakur

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Created by: Ruud
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I'm using the tabstrip control for a complex form for the user to fill out. I am trying to find a way to preload all contents of each tab in the tabstrip to ensure all the controls are rendered. This is required for my validations to work correctly.

I did not see any property on the Tab or TabStrip control to achieve this. Am I missing something?



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