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Created by: Nathaniel
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When using the DialogActionBar, its flex CSS property is flex:1 0 0.  For some reason, this is not a valid value in IE11, and I need to specify the flex values explicitly:

.k-dialog-button-layout-stretched .k-button {
    flex-grow: 1;
    flex-shrink: 0;
    flex-basis: 0px;

Can this be added to the original stylesheet so it works out of the box?

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Created by: Daniel
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The Switch layout is misaligned on IE 11.

54738802-5a28bf00-4bbe-11e9-91aa-7eb104343935.png (195×151)

This is reproducible in our demos as well.

GitHub issue:

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I updated to the latest version of the kendo react components (3.2.1) and notices that if there are no records in the grid - the message is displayed in the first column rather than spanning - this behaviour is also happening in the demo - see the attached.
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When setting filter type in column to `boolean` it breaks when opening the column menu with the following JS error inside `filterCommon.js`:

TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined

Here's a sandbox to see. Click the column menu next to each column header. Notice `Discontinued` column will cause a JS error:


The sandbox was taken from


We're using v3.1.0 but the sandbox has 3.2.0. Both versions have this bug. It seems 2.11.0 is the last working version.

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Release 3.0.0

Typing 111 in DatePicker results in skipping the day part. The third 1 is set to the year portion.

It is reproduced in our demo as well:

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Release 2.10.0
TimePicker is missing the localization properties.
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Release 2.11.0

Dropdownbutton doesn't work in FF 66.0.2 on maxOS

1. Click on the dropdownbutton
2. Clicking outside of the dropdownbutton menu
3. The dropdownbutton does not close

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Release 2.11.0