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Please add SignalR support for grid and other controls similar to Kendo UI for jQuery.


Thank you

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Currently the GridFilterCell OnChange returns a subset of a FilterDescriptor (A value an an Operator to run on the value), which allows a custom filter cell to create one filter rule (FilterDescriptor). However, the CompositeFilterDescriptor structure allows a lot more flexibility. `month == 'January' OR 'March' OR 'May'`. If the GridFilterCell could be passed a CompositeFilterDescriptor instead of the current subset, then a custom filter cell could be much more powerful.

In an orders grid for instance, with a status of Pending, Paid, Shipped, and Delivered a "Show/Hide Shipped" button would exclude or include the Shipped and Delivered orders when clicked. Or a list of checkboxes to choose the statuses you want to see (like the JQuery Grids support).

TL;DR: There is currently no way to re-implement multi-checkboxes or other complex filtering interfaces with the Kendo React Grid without re-implementing all of the filtering logic manually from scratch, as the Existing filter cells don't support this and a custom GridFilterCell can't be configured to return that logic in a single FilterDescriptor. 

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Is there a plan in the future to support multiple themes when using Kendo components. I can currently implement multiple themes on custom components but this is not possible on Kendo components because they import variables directly from SCSS variables in the stylesheet. Due to the file bundling that takes place in React it is impossible to import two SCSS files with the same variable names. The second import will always override the first file. This could be avoided by using a css in javascript solution(e.g. styled-components). This would allow the user to pass in multiple theme objects by using react props. Is there any plan to migrate to a more modern solution for handling styles with Kendo components.
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A Wizard Control, allowing any number or steps vertical or horizontal plus ability to modify the look and feel of the steps.  Also the ability to add other controls within each step.  For example a wizard control with the ability to have 3 steps, in which one would have a grid, or scheduler or other components.
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Set TabStrip items on multiple rows, instead of scrolling.

If there are many items, they should be shown on multiple row.

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Allow setting a number of records to be pre-rendered in the Grid with virtual scrolling. This will allow rendering some records at the bottom and on the top of the visible records to improve the performance.
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Does KendoReact support ReactNative? if yes send me a sample ReactNative app link which contains KendoReact Components.
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I have grid with 1000 items. On every small change to my models, like selection or expand, I am getting every table cells being re-mounted, instead of re-rendered (imagine how many of them is currently with 1000 rows). I have tried to use shouldComponentUpdate to optimize my rendering, but grid component just removes old cell and mounts new one, instead of rerender.