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Type: Feature Request
Hi, when entering form, I end up on a page with "Try Kendo UI for React" heading, but whole header comes from Kendo UI for Angular project
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Please add a possibility to customize Kendo UI Grid for React pager text like "Page ... of ...." or "... of items" or to pass own strings.
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Please, add a possibility to integrate inline edit in Kendo UI Grid for React (@progress/kendo-react-grid, 0.3.0) with ReduxForm ( and/or FinalForm ( which will make easier work on validating data and more uniform code style for form validation (as packages mentioned above are the de facto standard in working with forms in React-Redux applications).
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Created by: Naveen
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Need to add Export Excel/PDF using react component is good
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I'm looking to conditionally set the background color of a row, much like this example for jQuery:
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