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You prob. already know this, but in Chrome attribute autocomplete should be "disabled" instead of "off" for e.g. combobox - then we don't get the auto fill.

Even thought it has no id nor name - I think it looks at the lavbel - in my case its "Name" and the combobox get a big Chrome auto fill from the address book. Setting it from "off" to "disabled" will disable both auto complete AND auto fill.

The same goes for the AJAX Combobox - will you notify that team too? Current hotfix for that is `$(".rcbInput").attr("autocomplete", "disabled");`



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I have attached a simplified version of my app that reproduces the issue of infinite valueMapper requests.  

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open the example htm file 
  2. Open the browsers dev tools to the network tab and clear any request that have been logged.
  3. Click "Add New Load Stop." Result: A row will added to the list view that contains a combo box and one request to the Orders endpoint will be made.
  4. Set a value for the combo box that was added. Result: No additional request will be made if selecting from first few items in the list.
  5. Click "Add New Load Stop." Result: A second row will be added to the list view that also contains a combo box, a query to the Orders endpoint will be made, and an infinite number of requests will be made to the ValuMapper endpoint.

This is reproducible in both Edge and Chrome browsers.


Thank you for your help,



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We have an issue with the combobox widget on chrome for android v77.0..

You can see the demo here

Steps to reproduce:
1. Run the example in Dojo on chrome for android v77.0.3865.92
2. Scroll down to an item that was not initially visible and select it

The result is that nothing is selected. 
From debugging we saw that the change event on the widget is not fired.

Best regards,


p.s. the Additional Information Version dropdown doesn't have version 2018.1.221 as an option 

I've selected a version on which the bug is fixed!!!

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Bug report
When submitting a selection in the ComboBox via Enter keypress an incorrect item is selected.

Reproduction of the problem
Run this dojo
Enter 199 in the input field and:
Click outside of the input field - text() returns 199, value() returns 199
Hit Tab key - text() returns 199, value() returns 199
Hit Enter key - text() returns 4, value() returns 199
With Kendo UI versions after 2018.2.516 pressing the Tab key outputs the same result as pressing the Enter key.

Current behavior
An incorrect item from dataSource is being selected on Enter keypress.

Expected/desired behavior
Selection modes should return same item.

Kendo UI version: 2018.2.516
Browser: [all]
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we found a hard to reproduce bug in the combobox control. It appears infrequently while typing in the combobox input, if the combobox has grouping and the fixed header enabled. It does not seem to have functional implications to the control but it produces a javascript error.


_firstVisibleItem: function () {
    for (var t = this.element[0], n = this.content[0], i = n.scrollTop, r = e(t.children[0]).height(), o = Math.floor(i / r) || 0, a = t.children[o] || t.lastChild, s = a.offsetTop < i; a; ) if (s) {
      if (a.offsetTop + r > i || !a.nextSibling) break;
      a = a.nextSibling
    } else {
      if (a.offsetTop <= i || !a.previousSibling) break;
      a = a.previousSibling
    return this._view[e(a).data('offset-index')]

It seems to be a timing problem where the list is already loading again while the scroll from the item selection is not finished.

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Release 2019.R3.SP1

Working dojo example to reproduce:

If you set the contents of the combobox using the text() method, pressing the "X" inside the ComboBox will not fire a change event.

If you set the contents of the box using the value() method, or through the UI itself, clearing it afterwards does fire the change event, which is the expected behaviour.