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Created by: Cheng Mun
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request

Hi Support Team,

Would like to request for the feature below:

  • Able to use arrow keys to select formula. Currently only support using mouse to click on the formula.


  • Good to have system guide/prompt on how to use formula, similar to Excel

  • Upon error, erroneous formula should not be cleared after clicking "OK" - For ease of editing

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Created by: Dmytro
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request

Requesting a modification to any component that uses k-animation-container.

Some components have this capability:

popup: {
    appendTo: $("SOME ID")

This gives us the ability to modify CSS for a single/particular popup. Please add this ability to all relevant components.

Or any other method to modify the styling of a particular dropdown. In some cases, there's an ID that's added but is removed for some reason when adding a certain configuration.

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Created by: Darryl
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
Personally, I much prefer image buttons over text buttons in the grid just to keep bulk down especially when you have a wide grid or a number of custom command buttons with long text.

To do this at present requires some fancy css styling in the grid databound event.

I would like to see more configuration options for grid commands to allow for ....

- Built-in commands (Edit, Delete, etc) and custom commands to be image only
- Built-in commands and custom commands to have a "tooltip" option
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Created by: Gordon
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Category: Data Source
Type: Feature Request
Currently there is now implementation to support Guid data types. There is a workaround to use parameter mapping but this is not working when using custom methods for read\update... methods. I am heavily using driven odata endpoints and therefore I need custom transport methods and I am not able to filter Guids because auf these limitations.
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In SSAS world you can often see mega cubes with many measures and dimensions. Currently Kendo pivot grid configurator does not show measure groups and therefore there is no way to filter dimensions and filters that belong to a specific measure group.
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We are using the functionality included with the grid (mvc and .net core) to save and set filters, sorts and groupbys.  Where the functionality fails is if the grid or columns change in any way (including toolbars).  the getoptions() and setoptions() is a snapshot in time and is not very adaptive.  Our users had 1000's of saved grids and was really not allowing us to change the grid data or columns or even change the default order of the columns.  What we ended up doing to allow the saved grids to work and the developers to have the freedom to change the grids was:

1.  Getting the grid that is passed down to the screen and saving it for a clear functionality (and knowing what the default was supposed to be).

2.  Looking at the sort, groupby and filter subcomponents of the saved grid objects by column and looking for a column match in the grid that was passed to the screen.

3.  If a column in the saved grid does not exist, do not apply those filters, sorts and groupby's and alert the user

4.  Only apply/change the filters, sorts and groupbys via a setOptions() on the grid that is passed down as opposed to a set of the entire object.

6.  If a column is added to the grid alert the user that the column is added

7.  If the grid has changed, use a getOptions() to resave the users selections with the modifications above

8.  Load the data 


We have javascript that does the column compare, with differences in the grid if your developers would like to see how we solved this issue. 

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Created by: Michael
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Category: Scheduler
Type: Feature Request
New edit mode:  When events are retrieved, those models should always be as lightweight as possible (id, start, end, title), and not include all the other properties required to edit an event.

If you have hundreds of events with lots of properties, your control does not scale well.  When you then edit one of these lightweight events, it should make an ajax request to go fetch the "full" model used to populate the edit popup window.  For the create, it may not have to make an ajax request, but the "full" schema needs to be defined still, so it has a model to bind, and it would be nice to have a way to dynamically specify that schema, in case you have different event model types.  In my case, I have three different types of appointments the user can create/edit.  Ideally, these "full" models would either get sent via ajax when the popup is closed, or when the datasource is synced, they get trimmed down to the lightweight version.  Hopefully this all makes's all about having tiny models for speed, but larger models for editing.  Anyone that has used your control to show tons of appointments (especially with many properties each) will likely get where I am going with this.
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We need to be able to define models with complex/nested fields

var Book = kendo.Data.Model.define({
    id: 'id',
    field: {
        id: { type: 'string'},
        title: { type: 'string'},
        author: {
            firstName: { type: 'string'},
            lastName: { type: 'string'},        

We would also benefit of fields of type and [] (arrays of items derived from like mongoose Documents, SubDocuments and Arrays of SubDocuments. 

DataSources are simply arrays of such models and do not need to be flat tables.

Grids should not be an issue: they could ignore all complex fields and arrays and rely on calculated fields at the root to flatten the Model.
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Created by: Greg
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Category: Data Source
Type: Feature Request
Add full support for syncing of changes made to the HierarchicalDataSource in a TreeView and Grid. Currently, sync() does not perform the correct sequence of CRUD operations that represent the changes made to the data source or control.
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Created by: sitefinitysteve
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Category: MVVM
Type: Feature Request
When a template is declaratively bound in the markup there is currently no way to change it.

In order to make our app changeable by the owners of the data.  We're trying to make everything somewhat generic.  So Ajax call happens, they can provide us with the data and template to use.

However with MVVM there isn't any way for us to actually USE that template.

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Last Updated: 03 Feb 2022 12:48 by ADMIN
Add format configuration for Pivot schema rows and columns. Like aggregates config.