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Created by: faris
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i really needed Upload By Folder like goolge drive uploader. i hope kendo will add that feature.
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Created by: Tomáลก
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I think, it would by great, to have option to chunk files into smaller pieces. It allows better uploading big files. When using PHP backend, there is max post size restriciton. I think, chunking method is faster etc.
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Created by: Aaron
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The suggested way to omit the Remove button is to not provide a Remove URL/Action.  However this breaks the list of the async upload such that the list doesn't get cleared with each new upload.  Since its an async upload that automatically uploads, there no point in accumulating a list of uploads.  Whether or not you expose a remove button shouldn't be tied in any way to the clearing of the list when a new upload is made.  That should only affect the availability of a remove button. At the very least you could provide some documentation on this quirky behavior.  Instead its random walk of, ok if I change this property what happens, how about this one, how about both, and whirl away a few hours screwing around with unpredictable behaviors.

                .Async(configuration=> configuration
                    .Save("UploadTemporaryPdf", "StatementOfCredit")
                    //.Remove("RemoveTemporaryPdf", "StatementOfCredit")
                .Events(events=> events
                .HtmlAttributes(new { accept = "application/pdf" })
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Created by: Imported User
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can refer for resumable file upload.
and for drop zone.
its beautiful and important plugin. hope fully kendo can intergrated.
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Created by: Robert
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Type: Feature Request
There appear to be a number of options missing from this control that keep it from being really powerful. For example:
- there does not appear to be a method in which to access the files currently selected, in order to remove one. 
- If you want to limit the file types selected, you have to cancel the entire selection event, which will only piss off end users.
-The only way to show a "remove" button is to have something post back to the server, which makes no sense if AutoUpload is false.
- If you want to clear the list of uploaded items, you have to use jQuery to remove the LI's (WTF?)

My proposed changes:
- Have a Remove button regardless of whether there us a Remove URL set or not. If there is not a Remove URL set, disable the Remove/cancel button while files are being uploaded.
- Add a clear() method to remove all files, uploaded or otherwise.
- Add a getFiles() method to get a list of all in-memory files being managed.
- Add a remove(file) method, so that files that were accidentally selected can be removed in the Select event handler without having to choose between adding a server-side call and pissing off the end user.
- Add a setFileTypes() method that lets you pass in an array of file types to accept. All others will be automatically removed from the collection.
- Make the Drag&Drop capability set the drop zone visibility by default. You can manage that in jQuery without making me add more styles manually.

Thank you for your consideration.
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