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See dojo at .

The first DateTimePicker is set as readonly and has also aria-readonly manually set to true. It is correctly read by my screen reader (NVDA).

The second DateTimePicker is only set as readonly. It is read by the screen reader editable. It is not marked as readonly in the accessibility tree (per Firefox Developer Edition 71).

I can't find a formal specification, but this page says an input with ARIA role="combobox" needs to have "aria-readonly" set in addition to "readonly".

I'm documenting this for the DateTimePicker , but the same problem occurs for ComboBox ( ) and possibly other widgets that use the ARIA role combobox.


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I'm not sure this will be a bug in your mind but I just wanted to make sure I understood how things work. We have a grid definition which includes the dataSource.schema.model definition. One of the fields (TradeDate) in the schema has a type = "date". In addition, we assign local json data to the "data" property of the dataSource. Our JSON data comes in with dates in the ISO format (a string with the "T" in it). When the grid is initially created everything works fine. We notice that the TradeDate field in the is converted to an actual javascript date. I assume this is happening because of the schema definition. Later we retrieve new data via an ajax call and apply it to the grid using the command. However this does not seem to process the TradeDate field and convert it into a real javascript date. This causes problems because we have filters applied based on the TradeDate. It works fine the first time but fails any time the data is refreshed (because the field value is a string). We tried the schema.parse function but that also is only called the first time. Ultimately we coded the grids "dataBound" event and everything worked. It gets called each time the data is refreshed. I was just wondering if I could be doing something differently so that the schema handled the conversion all the time.


self._grid = grd$.kendoGrid({
columns: [...],
        dataSource: {
schema: {
                        model: {
                            id: "somekey",
                            fields: {
                                NewTradeFlag: { editable: false },
                                TradeDate: { editable: false, type: "date" },
                data: self.ViewModel.DisplayData.TransactionData

Later on we do this;

P.S. we originally were using MVVM binding straight to the ViewModel but that didn't work either.

Thank you in advance, Jim.

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When using a grid with locked columns if the unlocked area is scrollable once scrolled horizontally the resize handle keeps it's original absolute positioning and doesn't respect the change in scroll. 

When hovering over the edge of the column I can no longer see the resize handle. I can hover to the left where it would have been with no scrolling and then see it. 

On DOM inspection I see the event to update the handle's position STILL FIRES when hovering the edge of a column header, but the position is based on scrollLeft() === 0. 

I will assume the needed left position for each column is calculated on creation but is not re-calculated for horizontal scroll. 


This can be reproduced in the live demos on Telerik's site.


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Created by: Aleksandr
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1 - when use bootstrap v4  theme, ddl does not handle long names gracefully, please find in attachment example in bootstrap v4 & silver themes, also here are the dojo exaples






2 - for grid and separate controls validation message has diff view


should be the same




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I am currently experiencing an issue between the Kendo ContextMenu and the Kendo EditorFor. When I open the ContextMenu inside of the EditorFor it display offset relative to the cursor, both the left and top values are completely incorrect relative to the editor.

Attached you will find a solution where this issue has been replicated, I removed the scripts folder in order to keep the file size small. I hope this can be fixed soon.

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Reproduction steps:

1. Open column menu

2. Using arrow keys, go to Filter menu item.

3. Hit right arrow to open Filter submenu

4. Tab through filter submenu

5. Hit escape.

Expected behaviour: Filter submenu closes and focus returns to the parent column menu

Actual behaviour: Both filter and column menu are closed.



This is an issue for accessibility users - there doesn't seem to be a way to return to the parent filter menu using the keyboard without closing all menus and reopening them.

There is one way for it to occur, and that is to use the mouse to place the focus on the Filter menu background - in this case hitting escape will close the Filter menu and focus will be returned to the parent column menu. However this is impractical for an accessibility user who is relying solely on keyboard navigation.


An example of where this (mostly) works is on the Columns submenu - the user can use the left arrow key or Escape to close the child menu or alternatively keep tabbing and they will eventually return to the parent menu (though if they do tab within the child menu, hitting Escape will close both the child and parent menus).

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Created by: Albert
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open new window using the button, and close all window one by one, then see that k-overlay is still stay in page

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Created by: Jason
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Your demo site is broken.

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Created by: Daniel
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In the latest Kendo UI commercial zip, there is a file typescript/kendo.all.d.ts.

In the Grid class, a property is missing : the dataItems function.

You should add the bold line :


        dataItem(row: JQuery):;
        destroy(): void;

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Created by: Rahini
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Hi Team,


Sorry for the confusion. I don't know where to post this content issue I saw in your website.

Have a nice day :)


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This is an error that took us an hour to figure out.

We are using the right-arrow icon as part of the content within a collapsible header to represent a state transition. (See image)

We found that the expand/collapse icon did not appear.


Further investigation reveals that if the header content contains a span with a class matching the regular expression k-i-arrow.* then the expand/collapse icon doesn't work. It could contain anything else, it was just that one class pattern that threw it.

See this example.

I also posted a forum message here:   

This is clearly a bug, and one that I suspect can be fixed easily.