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Hello guys,

I am stuck with this problem for some time now. Everything works well with mouse, I can drag and drop column into grouping header normally. But on touchscreens I can't drag it. I am interested if anyone has had this issue?

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Link to GitHub issue - https://github.com/telerik/kendo-ui-core/issues/4705

### Reproduction of the problem:

1. Run this dojo
2. Collapse one or more of the subCategory groups
3. Collapse the category Group
4. Expand Category

### Current behavior

The aggregate rows are missing and the locked and unlocked content is misaligned

### Expected/desired behavior

Rows should be aligned

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Created by: Jyotika
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Hi Team,

Kendo grid does not allow all columns to be hidden from column menu as it disables the check box for last column in column menu.

But if we set hidden = true and menu = false properties for column, grid hides that column from grid and column menu, but enables the checkbox to hide all columns from grid leaving it empty. After which we can't get back the columns in grid which isn't valid.

Grid should always allow at least one column to be included in grid/menu.

Please find attached screenshot and below sample link.




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Created by: Behnam
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Category: Grid
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Bring up an RTL kendo Grid which has resizable true and filter mode is "row".

then try to resize the grid from filter-row of grid. we will see an internal js error.


you can copy and paste this code in a dojo sample and resize grid from the point is shown in the attached picture.

    <div class="k-rtl"><div id="grid"></div></div>
          columns: [
              { field: "name" },
              { field: "age" }
          filterable: {
              mode: "menu, row"
          resizable: true,
          dataSource: {
           data: [
            { id: 1, name: "Jane Doe", age: 30 },
            { id: 2, name: "John Doe", age: 33 }
            model: {
             id: "id",
             fields: {
               age: { type: "number"}
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Hello Support Team,

with jQuery 3.3.1 the resizable option set to true is not working with the configuration in the example below. When removing other options like "toolbar" or "scrollable" it works. :D 

See the following example: https://dojo.telerik.com/IkigawaX

With jQuery 1.x everything works fine.



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Created by: Christian
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Category: Grid
Type: Bug Report

The autofix column feature does not work properly if you enable sorting on the grid. You can see the issue if you open the Dojo for the following demo: https://docs.telerik.com/kendo-ui/knowledge-base/grid-autofit-all-columns-width

If you sort e.g. by column "Ship Country" and sort ascending you will see the name of the column ending with "..." but not the icon for the sort direction. If you press the column again and sort descending than everything works as expected - the column width increases and the icon is show.

I tested the problem in multiple browsers, but the main browser I have to support will be the IE.


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The following event-handler does not work when run in a mobile environment (iPad). Otherwise it works as expected:

Result: all columns a set to their minimum width.


    var grid = $("#grid").kendoGrid({
        dataSource: dataSource,
        columns: [

// ...       

        columnShow: function (event) {

            for (var i = 0; i < this.columns.length; i++) {

                var col = this.columns[i];
      // ...
        filterable: true,
        sortable: {
            mode: "multiple",
            allowUnsort: true
        pageable: true,
        reorderable: true,
        scrollable: true,
        columnMenu: true,
        mobile: true,
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