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Created by: Phill
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Category: Button
Type: Bug Report

Bug report

When you click and hold on the Button, and then drag outside, the Button remains highlighted.

This is a regression in version 2019.1.115.

Reproduction of the problem

Open this Dojo example. Click and hold the Button, and then drag to the right.

Current behavior

The Button remains highlighted, and the k-state-active class is not removed.

Expected/desired behavior

The Button should not be highlighted if the mouse cursor is not on the button on mouseup.

Workaround in this Dojo.


  • Kendo UI version: 2019.1.115
  • Browser: [all]
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Created by: Imported User
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
Add the AJAX FileExplorer to the MVC Controls Toolset with additonal built-in features I would like to see:
1. Support for UNC paths so that the root folder may be located in a network share as opposed to a folder under the application folder.
2. Support for sub-pathing so that it can be dynamically programmed to support direct display of target folder without having to navigate to the target folder
3. Built-in Delete function to complement the built-in Upload function
4. Optionally select display of a checkbox column to allow for multiple selection for items to be Deleted or Downloaded
5. Built-in Progress Bar for Upload and Download functions
6. Optionally select automatic filtering of hidden files and directories from the display
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Created by: Mat
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Category: Filter
Type: Feature Request

There are occasions when the out-of-the-box filter operators can't be used, such as filtering on nested objects. In these situations I use a custom function for the filter operator.

It would be great if the Filter widget could support custom filter operators.

I realise this would be challenging, as it would break the save/load state function and would be difficult to handle in the expressionPreview.

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Created by: james
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Category: Application (Mobile)
Type: Bug Report


Virtual scorller is slow and if you move lot of up/down then sometimes freze totally.


This can also happened on your demo page:


Can you fix it because this scenario is is not usable for productio environment.


Thanks in advance,




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Created by: Richard
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Category: Timeline
Type: Feature Request



I am implementing the new timeline widget.

Looks very nice, but I use this in combination of a shared datasource. (I use it in a grid and a timeline)

However, the 'autoBind:false' option does not work in the timeline widget, so the datasource is read twice.

How can I prevent that?

See a dojo example with 2 timelines and the same datasource. Also here the datasource is read twice.


Regards ,



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Created by: Rob
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Category: Editor
Type: Feature Request
Format Painter is a tool on the ASP.NET Ajax version of the editor - I would really like to see this ported to the Kendo  UI and MVC versions of the same control.
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Created by: Li
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Category: Window
Type: Bug Report

I have a scrollable div within kendo Window.

The said div contains selectable thumbnail, it will show a bigger version if clicked (functionality not included in the attached file)

The problem when there will be hundreds to thousands of images the scrolling in IE11 becomes almost unresponsive.

Attached sample have around a 1000.

Tested it with bootstrap modal, did not have any issue with scrolling in IE11.

Issue does not happen in other browsers, is this an issue with repaint and scroll in IE?

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Last Updated: 26 Jun 2019 01:44 by Jeffrey
Created by: Sean
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Category: Grid
Type: Feature Request
The ability to export a grid to excel has been a great addition, we would like the ability to export in CSV and XML also.
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Created by: Ben Hayat
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Category: Kendo UI for jQuery
Type: Feature Request
The most important part of using Vue especially in Mobile, is it's small size and performance. Unfortunately, Kendo UI's Vue components are wrappers around jQuery which is something we are trying to avoid in our  ongoing developments.
I'd like to suggest building NEW Vue components in full native format with no despondency on other none related frameworks.

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Currently, after export to excel and opening the exported file again in Spreadsheet, the row heights for rows with predefined height change. The above could be easily observed on the Index demo:

* initially, the height of the top row is set to 70px;

* export the Spreadsheet to Excel;

* after re-importing the above file, the height of the first row "Invoice #52" becomes 81px without any apparent reason.

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Created by: Otto Neff
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Category: Spreadsheet
Type: Feature Request
Define by Settings or via API Calls custom context Menu for any Cell,
like change current by Event BeforeContextMenu(ref ContextMenuElement)